Read Every Post, Learn More, Get Smarter; Or Stick with the Big Media Liars if You Rather Remain a Fool

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. — Galileo Galilei

I maintain there is much more wonder in science than in pseudoscience. And in addition, to whatever measure this term has any meaning, science has the additional virtue, and it is not an inconsiderable one, of being true. — Carl Sagan

The land of the free hates and fights freedom more than other western countries.

Fighting for defeat in Afghanistan.

Proven: Microloans work, are good for business. Of course, they doesn’t mean that any large bank will provide enough capital or anything….

Manuscript of the day: Here.

Assholes: Everyone who generates scientific studies of drugs that are full of sales-promoting lies.

Assholes: Carl Paladino and the teabag retards who support filth like Paladino.

Asshole: Jamie Dimon: Refuses relief to homeowners. Of course, what else would expect from someone whose bank’s profits rely so heavily on stealing from customers, a man too great a scumbag for Sandy Weil?

Asshole: David Gregory — every that sucks in the modern elite TV “journo” — dishonest, pandering, posturing, a whore, creepy-looking and always full of crap (this has been a reminder). I hate ’em all, him just a little bit more so….

Asshole: N.J. Gov. Chris (“Above the Law”) Christie.

Assholes: Bill O’Reilly, his production staff and everyone affiliated with Fox News and its viewers.

Asshole: Larry Kudlow.

Asshole: Andrew Breitbart.

Whadayaknow? Professor Keynes got it right.

All that talk from the corparatists about piracy? Lies and bull.

The most brilliant phone design since RIM stopped making phones with the original design.

The Kin Two is genius design: A rip-off of the original Blackberry — exactly what the market has been demanding. As well as more consumer smartphones so the business market can be all RIM’s. This is the genius of a company that, without its OS monopoly, is barely profitable as best. (Of course those who don’t know or are paid to have a positive opinion may disagree with me).

Who wants to be a millionaire? Not President Palin Queen Sarah. She is one! Just like the rest of us little people.

Lying pieces of worthless garbage: The Washington Times, its staff, and its readers, as well as Rev. Moon and his retarded and/or otherwise dysfunctional followers and all sympathizers of the two (whew!).

Elite journos are so small and petty. And don’t care about the truth; expressing one’s ignorant opinion is more important.

This is sad. And isn’t is sad how we (actually, I exclude myself) worship assholes. Why?

Asshole: Tiger Woods. I didn’t say it; this guy did.

In case you’re reduced to dumpster-diving, here’s the FAQ.

Vindicated! Now it’s sort of official: Murdoch has crapified the Wall Street Journal. Soon, it will be irrelevant journalistically. All it will have to offer will be a demographic with too much money and too little brains.

I do apologise for the plug but I do wanna see this:

This is for my daughter....


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