*Sigh* Here I Go Again. Do I Have Any Choice?

It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. — Abraham Lincoln

There’s really nothing we can do about the great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. — Atrios

Everybody wrong was smart, everybody right was crazy. — Atrios

Want freedom? Go here and sign the petition NOW! (I did.) About the petition here.

Hero of the day: Judge Jed Rakoff, S.D.N.Y., who is one man going to war against the destructive corrupters of Wall Street.

Economics lesson of the day: The free market is free to destroy the world.

Republicans lie about Ronnie Raygun.

How the Republicans restore pride in America: More about that video of our slaughter in Iraq. “Nice” indeed. And wasn’t this a huge victory once? Of course, we’ve done similar here at home….

The Duh Dept.: Another failure in Iraq. Did you know just going to war doesn’t ensure success? You have to decide first whether the fight is worth it then fight to, you know, win. Victory is not automatic. Didn’t know all that? Apparently neither did the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

If kids know about contraception and each others’ bodies, they will run out and have sex like they wouldn’t have if they remained completely ignorant (link). Genius or dementia and/or pandering to retards?

Atrios is right: It is tough to decide which is more important — protecting kids from molesting priests or protecting the reputation of the Church. If only some Pope had come up with the idea of a sacred Immaculate Molestation….

The Republican Governor of New Jersey is trying to ensure that his electorate grows more stupid (link).

Retards. Teabag retards. Teabag retardationA retard with a platform.

The Teabaggers clearly are patriots:

“I asked him, “Was the N-word used?”

“‘Oh yeah, yeah, but that’s okay. I’ve faced this before,’ he said ‘It reminded me of the ’60s. A lot of downright hate and anger, and people just being downright mean.'” (Link.)

An endorsement of Fox News: It incites threats of violence. Fair and balanced? Or fairly imbalanced? And another endorsement is here.

And the inference here there is anything but an anti-Enlightenment wing to the Republican is dead wrong.

And this too is wrong: The problem with firing Michael Steele is that he wouldn’t shut up but the elite media would still consider him newsworthy enough to report everything he says and does.


God bless our wonderful healthcare system. What makes wonderful? The denial of coverage, sure, but even moreso the unaffordability of coverage. It apparently killed one of rock’s greats.

Knowledge: Now more criminalized.

Simple: If you don’t like Apple tightly controling what goes on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch so they don’t turn into pieces of crap (P.C.s, you could say), don’t buy them. Go to something else if you want crap. I mean, these little screaming weenies think they have some sort of right where Apple’s required to crapify their products? Dopes, if you feel like that, take the energy and try to get your government to do what it needs to do to, oh, straighten out the financial disaster we’re in and get out of the awful Republican wars.

This is interesting.

Captha of the Day. Captha knows the truth!

It’s safe to say you won’t see anything like this again:

And now for something… different:


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