An Ever So Slightly Kinder, Gentler Post — Except Where it Can’t be….

I never give them [the public] hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell. — Harry S. Truman

If you don’t like what you’re doing, you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove! – Timothy Leary

Is this a great country or what? White trash crackers abuse teen age lesbians. Truly, the scum also rise….

You knew it: This Pope loves him his child molesters.

This is confusing: Times says Stupak was hugely popular in his district, sure to have been reelected yet finds all these people to slam him. So which is it, Times, popular or not?

Can we now agree that the teabaggers and those who encourage them are truly sick? Read this.

Retardation, Republican-style: Policing and arresting are not cost-effective. That’s the modern GOP: All fears, lies and money; no principal, no decency. And more retardation here. And here: Who’s more stupid, David Frum or Larry Kudlow?

The Cheney/Rove/Bush administration knowingly packed Gitmo with known innocents because, you know, they, like, had no choice if they wanted to look tough. Again: Is this a great country or what? (Link.)

Gratuitous killing is policy in Iraq? Thank God, it’s the private sector’s war, not ours….

Someone other than I think there’s been something very fucked up about America…. (Link.)

Want freedom? Corporations are completely free and above the law in the Corporate States of America. People, obviously less so (someone has to be second class citizens, I guess.)

The genius of old media: Make it difficult for people to be driven to your site so you might, you know, make money. The luxury of chasing away eyeballs. They cry and cry and do nothing but alienate their audiences….

No joke; click on the image for the story.

I so don’t understand this: I understand why people wants open OS platforms but it leads to loads of crap. Closed can control quality. What I don’t understand, really, is the teabag-like obsession that things have to be open. There’s a place for each and one, it seems, is clearly superior.

Translation: You’d have to be a complete idiot to buy a Verizon iPhone.

KFC admits its deadly sandwich is awfully unhealthy.

Wisdom and one good question.

Abby Sciuto clearly would want one of these — maybe the only thing that can chill her out.

How to make money in the fiscal implosion of the Great Recession:

The earliest known recording of Led Zep:

(About the viddie here.)


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