You Need No Other News and Information Source. Guaranteed or Your Money Gladly Refunded

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. — Henry Ford

Lovely (more here, yet more here, Salon defends what’s shown):

Another reason to be proud of our woefully mismanaged nation. Thank God we have a strong ally leading Afghanistan.

Not just an asshole: President John Sidney McCain III is a serial asshole and retard:

(Click on the image for the full strip.)

President Palin hates me! But am I targeted by her?

The Republicans all hate you.

Douchebag: Ross Douchat. (But so are he bosses…).

Is it me or are these little Douchats a little scummy?

Actually, they’re dumber (or panderingly act dumber) than this.

According to the Wall Street Journal, iPad sales were disappointing. In the real world, nearly all built and available were sold. (This guy shoots down the middle, but I don’t think I agree.)  Amazing what a piece of crap Murdoch turned the paper into. Paid too much, now sucked the value (credibility) right out….

Don’t blink! A sliver of progress. And a far bigger loss of freedom, a giant step back: The FCC cannot police.

The dinosaur’s death throes…. Make that deserved death throes….

Before you see these on the Northeast seaboard you’ll see oil platforms, I don’t doubt.

Elite thinking in the Ivy League.

Looking at sick people makes you healthy.

LSD -> PC.

Want to kill yourself? Eat this. You won't live as long as the colonel eating crap like this!
This image needs to be turned upside down.

Those of you who could care less about the iPad maybe would be interested in this breakthrough instead.

My daughter would rather just [deleted] her school:

Me jealous:

Wallpaper of the Day

I told my kids, “Someday, you’ll have kids of your own.” One of them said, “So will you.” — Rodney Dangerfield


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