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Don’t worry about people stealing an idea. If it’s original, you will have to ram it down their throats. — Howard Aiken

The corporatists go to war against the unemployed. What else did you expect from the greed-crazed scum that lead us?

I dedicate this to President Palin: Gun control she'd be delighted and thrilled to support. (Click on the image for the real story.)

Happy Easter. Meet the man (or possibly pervert) who is now Pope:

This first ever Chief Inquisitor-made-pope (who appointed 112 of the 115 cardinals who elected him pope) pushed through in record time the canonization of a Hitler-admiring, Franco-supporting, fascist priest named Jose Escriva founder of the infamous and secretive Opus Dei Society. This clandestine group the present pope and the past one used as a bludgeon to kill off liberation theologian and base communities in Latin American (with CIA assistance) and substitute its motto of ‘a preferential option for the poor’  with a preferential option for the rich and powerful. (Link.)

Honestly, I can’t begin to explain how vile this man is, although the above is a partial explanation, or start. And of course, defending the indefensible doesn’t help, specially odious, offensive defenses like this.

Jamie Dimon is a dangerous asshole and the bank he runs is essentially a criminal enterprise that makes money by screwing over its customers. Makes you think Sandy Weil kicked him out of Citicorp because he was too big a scumbag for Weil (which would be saying a lot).


Shocker! Actually, disappointment. Atrios has no faith that President Palin will be our next president.

This may end well. It’s a start though….

We’re teaching our kids less and less…. And so are the Australians!

Inexplicably, I find this face creepy/scary. You?

Attention, tort reformers: Reform this, assholes!

Asshole: Alan Greenspan. In addition to this dis of Krugman’s, I’m still waiting for someone to an analysis of how Greenie’s Objectivist beliefs conform or not with his responsibilities as a Fed chair. Really, at the end of the day, his is the triumph of playing the media over any special skills or competence in his position.

Next: Reform-free financial reform; designed to fail.

Say what you will about the Toyota debacle (Jamie Kitman does in the new “Automobile” and none, rightly, good) but this aspect is weird and s crying out for a good answer: Those involved skew disproportionately old. Why?

Hearts and minds“. Amazing how all the military establishment learned from Vietnam was to muzzle the press, not, you know, what not to do if they give a shit about winning a guerilla war.

Afghanistan today (give or take a couple of weeks). Click on the photo for loads more.

Apple, interestingly enough, has a humor page for the iPad. At least, on some level, I found this amusing. Meanwhile, a jumpstart for Hollywood: can you do this on a laptop or PC or, in any meaningful way, on a phone? Meanwhile, this is legitimately (I have to put it this way) fucked up.

iPhone app of the day. Just about the only game actually worth paying for.

To me, this is funny. Actually, so, in a way, is this. I wonder though: Shouldn’t this be the default homepage for Safari on the iPad?

Is this really true about Wyoming? Certainly explains a lot. Now, if they can only find the cause….

Is this for real — bombs in boob implants?

Just in case you have nothing better to do with your life….

To me this is fascinating. Between being a Concentration Camp graduate then marrying and violently becoming the widow of Sharon Tate it goes a long way to explaining Polanski, moreso when he was, uh, taking advantage of a 14 year old (it was a whole different era, exemplified by the fact that the victim’s mom was awfully sanguine about leaving her with Polanski). Anyway, I have seen a few photos of Tate over the years but never any film or video, so my interest in the following:


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