Which Side are You On in the New American Civil War?

This hasn’t happened here. Yet (you know which side Obama would be on and it’s not the right one):

Corporate welfare: See which multi-billion dollar businesses pay less in taxes than you here.

Breakthrough: TSA to focus on terrorist threats, not profiling nationalities. (I must say I never saw NYPD do that in the subways here in NYC. All I’ve ever seen them screen are young women, nearly all blondes.)

There they go again: Another lie from the wingnuts that no facts can kill because the media elite are, well, absolute irresponsible wusses.

One of the things that amazes me about the corrupt Catholic Church is how when it gets caught doing something wrong, it always reacts in the least moral, spiritual way possible. How does it deal when it comes out the church’s establishment knew for years of a priest’s sexual abuse? Why lie and duck responsibility.

Michael Steele’s RNC: Making the Republicans the party of irresponsible sex. Of course, we know if Eliot Spitzer was a Republican, he’s still be my governor. And Steele cooks the RNC books. Of course, that’s typical for pathological liars.

A bunch of white “conservatives” want to address the White Man’s Burden.

What "Great Recession"? The 10 Million Dollar Whore. (Anyone know how to pronounce her name without spitting all over the floor?)

Asshole: Jamie Dimon: Hate him, hate his thieving bank. Fucker was lucky enough not to be a player when the whole thing collapsed and now goes around like he has a big dick. (More like having a micro-dick but being the only guy at the orgy without STDs.) Of course, having juice with Wall Street’s whores is a plus for him.

Scoop! The Times finds the silver lining, 80-odd years later, in Robert Moses’ destruction of the Bronx. Journalism we need.

Neutered and neutralized: The FEC. Another victory for the Republicans War on America.

The RIAA successful shoots itself in the foot again. New great idea: encourage radio stations to play even less music. You can’t get a listen before you buy legally, why then, you, uhh, go outlaw.

Read here emergency means to save the earth.

I have my own questions before buying an iPad. David Letterman has 10.

I fell for this. Until I read the lede. It coulda been awesome…. But worse is the news that the bitch’s corpse is laying too near to me….

I hope the iPad (and iTunes ecosystem) will be the future; here’s one future that did not happen:

(Read here why the iPad must succeed and if it doesn’t, it will be our loss. Actually, at least on textbooks, the guy understates the potential.)

Even as just an e-reader, this is a hot young babe to Kindle’s senile granny:

And here’s the future my wife would (rightly) love:


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