Thought I Saw Some Green Shoots but I Appear to be Mistaken….

Those who speak most of progress measure it by quantity and not by quality. — George Santayana

The most awesome piece of art since... whenever. What we lost when the LPs died.

A small victory for freedom: A judge holds that NSA’s baseless spying was illegal.

Asshole: Obama opens the U.S. coastline to drilling. Some much for progressivism when it comes to the environment, huh? Even the Bushies didn’t pull this one….

Scoff all you want but the fuckers destroyed ACORN so I guess “Mission Accomplished” for a couple of sick scumbags, huh?


From the Dog Bites Man Dept.: Sarah Palin and Faux News: Lying retards. Twice. Again: Anyone who has no problem with any of these sickos is just more of the problem. Instant correction: President Palin has apparently been good for twenty Dems, so thank you, you America-hating bitch. And apparently Faux has no problem with its policy of lying.

Asshole: Sean Hannity: Cracker lying thief.

God bless America: We take Haitians out of Haiti after the earthquake, then jail them for being here illegally.

Read here how a Congresswoman shows a little intelligence (no joke, please) and provides some transparency.

Redux: When there’s no other way to try before you buy, free downloads spur (increase) sales. Maybe the free download makes you want to own a book, the higher quality CD, a clear, sharp DVD…. Of course, the copyright fascists still don’t get; artists and art will survive, but these fuckers won’t, like the shrinking recording industry….

Hypocrite of the moment: Man who uses electroshock to “cure” homosexuals gets busted for “assaulting” a male patient….

Click on the image for the explanation.

Oh. The rightist global warming scandal actually was a crock of shit — that the Big Media fell for!

Is this a great country or what? This guy may be on to something. As a result of having a (half) Black presnit, racism’s getting mainstreamed.

The dementia of the rightists: Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. And, of course, the dangerous, retarded  idiots who believe shit like this.

Always thought Carly Fiorina was a piece of garbage. Of course, as an Alpha saleswoman, what else she be? Anyway. The latest reason I hate Carly: she’s thoughtless when it comes to my people. And watch Olbermann’s 2 cents here.

Read how Lindsay Lohan gets consoled. By a child victim of human trafficking.

Comeback of the day: Gonorrhea! Sweet nostalgia!

I have not read Xeni’s review of the iPad yet but her review of the first iPhone in 2007 was the most porn-like (yet sex-free) piece of writing I ever read, it was sooo exciting. So let’s see if lightning strikes twice….

The moral compass can be swayed by magnetic forces.

Why we won WWII: White bread.
The miracle of electricity.


Read here about Asia’s greatest chain of restaurants.

Read here about one guy who had waaayy too much time on his hands….

Read here about awesome things you do with one of the greatest inventions of all time, duct tape. Look:

The environmentally correct 2-horsepower Hummer. Click on the image for more about it.
Breakthrough! Making New Yorker cartoons funny again! Click on the image to read about this great cultural milestone!
I am legion: One of Tiger's whores.
I am legion: One of Tiger's whores.

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