A Brief Note Explaining How the World Works….

— and, how as result, we’ve ended up where we’ve ended up.

In or about 1981, the mainstream press, fell in love with Ronald Reagan and, blindly in love, chucked objectivity, dispassion and professional and societal responsibility out the window.

The new paradigm was essentially to make no enemies, with the exception of Democrats when the party was out of power or when, as in the case of Clinton, the elite press’ sensibilities were offended.

As a result of this abrogation, for example, the press could not criticize Reagan’s sending a couple of finders Marines to Beirut for absolutely no good reason but to become a tempting target and who then get blown up, approximately 243. Our elite press simply could not criticize the utter stupidity of the deployment because Reagan was a friend and, especially, no Republican could be an enemy no matter what they do.

More recently, you get the build-up to the idiotic, pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. the elite press couldn’t explain the stupidity of the endeavors, the lack of any good reason for these wars because it would obviously involve criticizing their friends. no longer possible.

In 2000, Bush and Cheney call the Times’ Adam Clymer an asshole because he was acting like a real reporter. Uproar? None.

And a Republican equivalent of Clinton gets only gently slapped. Sarah Pslin offends the elite media but no matter how stupid and crazy she is, the criticism is gentle, muted, because you can criticize a friend just do much. If she gets elected president, just remember what a help the elite media’s silence was.

So here we are, with a generation of journalists who cannot report innanh meaningful way because that would involve explaining how and why things happen. That involves criticizing their friend which is to say it simply can’t happen.

So if this is the best the profession can do, who needs them? What good do they do for us?

No, good bye and good riddance. One hopes they will be replaced, but if nit, we can be no worse off.

We learn what’s going on despite the elite press, no longer because of it.



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