No Green Shoots Here (Even Though it’s Spring)

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it. — Flannery O’Connor

So much for presumed innocent and all that. Modern America: First the sentence, then the conviction.


I love how Republicans eat their own, cannibals like snakes….

Wasn’t it strange how Greenspan seemed to control the Fed so well? I mean, wouldn’t you think it a strange thing for an Objectivist (Ayn Rand’s personality cult-cum-philosophy/patholgy)? Well, looks like more like he wanted the financial markets to be plenty free to act all Galtian, even if that included fomenting a global economic crisis. It’s what Ayn would have wanted (after sex with a fawning cultist half her age). (Click on the image for the Master’s Great Fail.)

The Great Fail that is the recording industry: Sony sues superstar Beyonce. For posting her own videos (like of her own work) on the YouTube. Do something for the fans and to attract new fans? Get sued. Genius.

Idea! Let’s repeal Paul Ryan!

Asshole: Thomas Sowell, dishonest intellectual.

Going, going…. Global democracy, limited as it was, grows a little more limited, thanks to the global corporatists.

How they do it: Times takes just about all of the givebacks from the Boston Globe and spends same amount on bonuses for its top few execs. It seems that without the givebacks, there’d be no wealth for the execs?? Because they otherwise did such a bad job??

The good old days…: The phone companies used to be pro-privacy before they turned into snitches and rats…. Of course, now they’re also inept assholes.

Professor Krugman doesn’t realize we already pretty much have a one-party state.

How they fail: Johnny doesn’t fail, Johnny is failed. Sometimes, you have to think our schools work harder to make our kids stupid and ignorant than they do to, you know, make them smarter and know stuff….

How can anyone for put people like this in any position of power? Whose sicker? Them or their enablers?

Learn what history can teach us about financial reform.

Asshole: Eric Cantor.

Asshole: Scott Brown.

Mission accomplished: The failure of democracy in Iraq. I guess some retarded wingnut wants to claim eight years of occupation simply isn’t enough time for success. Another couple of decades is needed…. Or a Palin presidency….

Announced: The Palin 2012 platform: “Hell no!”

Tax cheat of the day: Micro$oft: It’s good to be able to corrupt pols….

And I can understand Micro$oft feeling a need to redo Windows Mobile but why this way? Because the Zune was so successful? Really.

It’s not just Evan Bayh; Indiana stinks.

So. You can catch STDs from Facebook?

Query: If this happened here, would the driver get busted for DWB?

Listen to this! Incredible!?

Listen to this. Maybe even more incredible?!

And listen to this! (More about that last track here.)


Warren Ellis, who has a lifetime of good karma from me for “Planetary”, loves this:

What we need and what will jump-start consumer spending.
MOMA's latest acquisition.
Me, explained, at last.

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