And this is One of those Times Bigger is Better

Wingnuts, teabaggers, Palin-lovers, America-hating traitors: kiss my ass. For one brief moment, you got what you deserve.
The sorrow of the wingnuts (with greatest apologies to the artist for the rip-off)

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything. — Katharine Hepburn

I'd wear this!

This is the sick idiocy with which the media elite are putting themselves out of business.

Asshole bullshiter: Jamie Dimon. Lucky to run a bank that couldn’t get much traction with the speculative investing that ruined others and the world, so acts like he’s king of the world and the media elite fawningly fall into place. Actually, Chase makes a great deal of its profits from usury and stealing from customers. And of course by corrupting pols (you can read this by copying the headline at the link into Google News).

Asshole: Geraldo Rivera: Narcissist whose brief shining moment was decades ago, and whose prominence has been unearned since.

Psycho asshole: Eric Massa.

The Republicans sure do want people to know nothing.

Retard! Scott Brown.

Asshole! Hypocritical panderer Mitt Romney.

Asshole! Scummy Charles Grassley. Their endless lies are just about starting to make me sick…. Sick….

Mitt Romney: America-hating traitor.

Why shouldn’t those who had good fortune thanks to America’s freedoms not pay a little extra back? I am fine with this (even though it apparently freaks the Times), and not just because it doesn’t affect me.

Retards: Teabaggers. Here’s their latest brilliance.

The freedoms the corporatist copyright owners want to steal from you are all here. Know fear….

Don’t click on a single internet ad: You’re now warned. (More here.)

Wow! The TSA know how to search monkeys! And look at naked women. Makes you wonder what else they know how to do….

The lousiness of Newsweek explained. There’s an explanation for every insanity.

Bad science.

The song of the sickos:

The greatness that is Windows Phone 7 — perhaps the world’s most unnecessary phone OS. And the next nuclear power: Bill Gates? A nuclear reactor with the famous Windows quality… put on the lead panties now!

Il Perverto? No. Really. Click on the image for the story, then decide for yourself. (Of course, he's been a major intellectual pervert but that's another issue entirely.)


Are Russians aliens? No, really?

LSD acolyte of the day: Cary Grant.

Is this the world’s greatest webcomic?

Meet the miracle drug: the good old placebo.

This... is... springtime!
Tourist site of the day
This is awesome! Click on the image for more as awesome.
Logo of the day, no, the week, no, the year, no....

Eat this; no, really:


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