The Republican Party: Always Acting for You to Ensure SNAFU

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. — George Bernard Shaw

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. — Bill Watterson

So everything out of one of the parties is all lies, more lies, and fear and fear based on lies (the other party provides no more than predominantly lies and insufficient fear); yet that party, whose policies and leadership has brought this nation to a historical and longterm if not permanent low, is treated with credibility, enabled by a media elite who refuses to note the lies. Can anyone give a reasonable explanation?  I will say this, however: The Big Media are paying for this failure with advertising losses due to the financial disaster this party, at the very least, enabled, and a shrinking audience that sees no reason to pay for these lies.

The argument against healthcare reform: Fear and lies. And they fucking lost. Which, maybe, by itself, is an excellent reason to pass the damn thing.

Idiocy from the rightist economic establishment: ever working to screw us good.

Out after 60-odd years in the closet. Yes, better late than never. (I read a profile of Randi somewhat recently, I picked up a vibe, from his life, nothing specific, that he might be gay, but that’s just me. But who cares anyway; good for him.)

Scumbag: The Governator. Fucking asshole loser. Shit actor, shittier governor. Wasn’t he supposed to run for presnit? But that was before he destroyed California, wasn’t it?

Assholes: All the teabaggers — you know, the puppets of the America-haters, not that the teabaggers love what America means, just the modern perversion of America, where they fight to allow their exploiters to exploit them. Read about their latest work at debasing America here.

The Teabaggers: Making you proud to be an American like them.

Shitheaded asshole: Ross Douthat. Can get it up to dis “The Green Zone” but the war-horny bullshit of “The Hurt Locker” is fine with him. It’s not about the facts or anything, just the spreading of partisan lies. Why the Times thinks it needs a lie-spewer on the op-ed page is a mystery but I think the solution will explain why the Times has turned to such crap under Pinch Shulzberger.

Shitheads: All the wingnuts, like Erik Erickson. See here why CNN felt a need to hire him.

Of course, healthcare reform should mean more than reforming just the private insurers. But then, you’d be thinking of a democracy, of another nation entirely, not an oligarchy of fear and hate.

Atrios is wrong: The media elite’s perverted authority does not work. Hence the loss of readers and viewers.

American Justice: Two years in jail for obeying border guards just a little bit not fast enough. The travesty starts here. (Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t countless minorities doing time for the same thing.)

Bernanke does stand-up. He cannot mean that the next time Big Finance faces meltdown, he’ll let them mighty titans down.

Learn from history so we don’t get fooled again: Read here the disastrous lies of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

Qualification to be governor of the great state of Georgia (The Peach State)? Sexual involvement, while a teacher, with underage girls. And to think New York lost a governor for having sex with a prostitute he made for with his own money.

A gorgeous building on Park Avenue and East 125th Street, in Harlem, U.S.A. Click on it to read its sad obit.

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