No More Comment Required

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. — George Orwell

Change? None here, says Alex Cockburn, and I agree.

It’s so sad the appointments of these three to the Fed is not a slam-dunk. Maybe some mathematician can explain how 59 is not a majority of 100.

Isn’t it funny how all the America-hating wingnuts working so hard to destroy this nation have consciences? Only them? My God, are there anyone else more morally bankrupt? And they are unbelievably stupid or dishonest in their pandering, like this horseshit of Glenn Beck’s. Sick, sick, sick and, thanks to the elite media echo chamber, they control this country.

There they go again: Another line of Republican shit the media elite feels doesn’t need to point out is an utter line of shit.

I don’t understand Atrios’ confusion. All it takes is a couple million TV-watching morons and there’s an audience. No the real confusion is or should be why Howell Raines ripped into Faux Nooz Channel instead of, maybe, given his experience, the Times or, for that matter, the media elite’s obvious need to give the channel respect.

The horseshittedness of a high profile lying wingnut, and the ineptitude and corruption of the media elite in failing to note the obvious.

Asshole: Dan Coats.

Nor does the media elite have any problem with these words from the leader of the Republicans (and alleged hirer of underage prostitutes), who can say stuff like this (makes you proud to be an American):

David Paterson will become the massa…who gets to appoint whoever gets to take Massa’s place. So, for the first time in his life, Paterson’s gonna be a massa. Interesting, interesting.

(Taibbi notes this brilliance.)

Some Republicans are just fucking nuts. Every aspect of this is crazy. And then there’s the latest genius from President Palin.

Yet another media fail. Why, one could almost start believing there’s no important story they’ll ever report with much accuracy…. In this case, why not accept a known whacko’s unsupported story as true? Why investigate? And here’s another.

And the media elite apparently doesn’t recognize their own hypocrisy. Why hasn’t John Ensign been chased out of office?

Josh is wrong on this: None of these little victories slow the destroyers. So this is not good news….

Virginia hates gays.

And when I say Texas wants their kids to be even dumber and more ignorant that their parents, here’s the proof.

Yes, the world is corrupt. But doesn’t this explain the rise of the Nazis? Denial and apathy? And here’s a little fresh corruption. I would dare suggest this is fallout from the upward transfer in wealth in this country initiated by Raygun, but who has the time now….

Do this now! And check this out too for a good deed.

Is this guy the world’s coolest 90 year old? see what he does with his free time….

Isn’t this lovely?

Do this now.

I had a dream sort of, kind of about something like this last night!

Oh. My. God! This place is gorgeous!

Possibly the greatest (NSFW) music video ever — at least at this moment; amazing what money can do…:

And just because Dan Neil likes this:

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