Can You Handle All this Truth?

Her virtue was that she said what she thought, her vice that what she thought didn’t amount to much. — Peter Ustinov

In honor of Oscar and WABC TV going dark for Cablevision customers, 9 god-awlful movies. Personally, I think there’ve been even worse.

And the Journal’s New York section will also have minimal effect on the Times because everything Murdoch’s done has been to crapify the product, so this should be just another fail in the series. More here.

If this is true, Team Obama is unbelievably stupid. A 9/11 widow contemplates the change in Obama since assuming the presidency.

Apparently Obama loves all things nuclear.

Our leaders’ next great fail. (More here.) They all so hate the middle class…. What I just said.

Who needs the elite media? Seriously. For crap like this?

I love (not at all) Team Obama’s weird idea that the solution for the housing crisis is to make the victims, so to speak, to may more when they can’t afford what they’re paying and/or the home isn’t worth what they’re paying as it is. I note this because the Times just kinda, sorta caught up to the fail.

Teabaggers = retards? Dangerous, manipulated idiots for sure….

Heaven found on earth: Alabama.

Poised for a comeback: lynching? Surely what’s needed now, the solution for all the nation’s problems….

This is just incredibly awesome if true.

Hope the satellite companies can handle the 3.1 million orders for new service….

I said this first. Maybe the noozpapers’ big problem is that they’re just so full of lousy reporting, relying on imbecilic opinions instead of vigorous reporting, that they just aren’t worth a penny. That and all the debt the newer owners took on, paying inflated premiums for dying businesses where no one any ideas for a solution.

Glib asshole: Paul Johnson. Claims the problem is inept, corrupt leadership in both the public and private sector but just can’t find a single person in the private sector to name, just pols. What does that tell you? Why, he’s a mendicant and a liar. Which he’s always been; one of those rightist intellectuals whose intellectual skills are limited to crafting glib shit that is actually quite moronic. Which is why I hate rightist “intellectuals”: They’re nearly always lying, which is to say, the intellectualism is only on the surface and pretty empty of any substantive content. Ugh.

And the big, big problem is the utter and complete harm done the nation by the Republicans’ complete lack of principal. Correction: That have a single principal — being against everything even if they previously supported it.

The very short version of how and why our country fell to this point.

Learn just how bad your food really is here.

Click on the link to discover one amazingly cool place.

I don’t get Windows Phone 7. Older versions were ever so slightly business oriented. Clearly, that part of the market is now being waived to RIM and their Crackberries. So they want to fight with the iPhone and Android for the consumer? What’s the plan, then, to be an also-ran with Nokia and the Asians, maybe to eclipse the seemingly dying Palm WebOS? I don’t get it.

Ten professions lost to history. No future here….

I loved this:


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