[I have No Hot Idea for a Heading]

Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Sibel speaks. If only people — well, the elite media — listened…. Our loss.

Who doesn't want to see Rush dressed like this: in an orange jumpsuit? If only he could be locked away....

Assholes: Nokia. Not that I’m bothering to finding any link to it but yet another assholes, Steve Forbes, claims unbridled capitalism is some sort of moral paradigm (with being a gay-bashing closet queen behind somewhere close behind). Nokia’s acts certainly put the lie to that and it is, of course, more the norm than an exception.

Asshole: Bart Stupak. Is there a single pol who doesn’t make you feel like he’s a crime against humanity? The ones who aren’t greedy or venal are just inept as leaders. Speaking of great leaders: Who doesn’t love and ache to follow a gay-bashing gay Republican?

Assholes: Every Republican who is against unemployment insurance and, you know, hate the unemployed and want to make things worse for them.

Proven yet again: Giving away (or allowing the theft of, I suppose) of cheapo versions increase sales of the real thing. Simply put, try before you buy produces more sales than no try, no buy b(specially in this economy). Today’s example is here. (Similar is that well-marketed quality yields better profits than cheap crap with razor-thin margins sold on the principle of achieving maximum sales over, you know, profitable sales. Example of that: The computer I’m looking up at right now, the current iMac: Elegant, rock solid, low maintenance OS, faaasst, gorgeous display with built-in camera and wireless keyboard and mouse, and top-line components. Tell me that it’s not actually something of a bargain. (Windows, with the part-time job that is maintaining it, is awesome.)

Tip for elite media: Isn’t making news easier and cheaper than reporting it?

Another success for the free market: infectious hand sanitizer.

Flash: Chile survived the earthquake as well as it did because of the policies of the to-be-assinated Socialist, Allende. Not that our elite media can grasp that….

Why I love Eliot Spitzer (that and the fact he’s an ex-pol).

A defeat for crippling DRM.

90 types of bitches.

Poor Russky chimp….

This is good: The Lyin’ King is now going to rebuild his image. Not become a decent human being, just rebuild his image, upgrade and reinforce the lie.

(More about that viddie here.)

One of the absolute greats; if you don’t know he is, search:


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