Deny that this is a Golden Age!

We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. — Buddha

It’s awful what one can spew out with a fast computer…. I’m now posting almost daily…. Well, today, a late morning helped a little.

The greatness that is modern corporatist America: Most of our medical studies are crap. Most, not many.

Did you know the impoverished can actually know something and have something to teach us, their so-called betters? (We’re smart enough to know these people need an eternal war waged by outsiders.) Read what here.

Assholes: Viacom.

It may not be just Toyota — it may be every manufacturer has the same problem. And here’s good news for G.M.: the retirement of a Wagoner-era failure.

Praise the Lord, indeed! A good idea (for a change) out of Texas.

And here’s a great story. Listen to some of the music here.

I always knew this....

Why call anyone with an infliction retarded? You have all these Republican politicians you can rightly call retards. Example: Trig Palin: No. President Sarah Palin: absolutely. That’s my position and I do believe I’m sticking with it. Now. Can we move on?

Retards: The rightists have no intellectuals, just bullshit artists. For example: They repeatedly hold up Chile post-Allende as a shining example of their policies, beliefs, etc. They are in fact dead wrong. More wrong here.

Retards: Those who want to keep us as stupid as possible.

Who believes this?

There’s something heartbreaking and wrong about this.

See some cool places (even one near your blogger) here.

I love Meggie, she’s so naked as a celebrity. Unfortunately, she’s not too swift and made mistakes in that young, foolish way. But there’s still an authentic ssweetness….

One of the greatest TV shows ever — I loved it:

Actually, I do not approve of this but it at least, you know, piqued my interest enough to post it:

My God, if I couldn’t run all these YouTubes, I’d be substantive….


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