Greatness Like You Can’t Imagine; Even Our Assholes are the Greatest!

Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain. — John F. Kennedy

Triumph Victim of the Anti-Terror state. The modern America-hating “conservative”: restoring pride in a perversion of America.

How the new Murdochized Wall Street Journal misses it: “Borrowers Miss Out on Billions in Savings“. Is it possible that the millions of homeowners failing to take advantage of insignificantly lower mortgage rates aren’t refinancing because their homes aren’t worth paying a debt of the size they have regardless of rates or maybe they might be earning less? No, Team Rupert, go with the partisan horseshit instead of anything like factual accuracy. Congratulations again, guys; you’ve successfully made the Journal as irrelevant as most any paper or other journalistic outlet.

Republican fiscal responsibility: A fiction and a lie. The GOP is a cancer on American society.

John Boehner confesses. Not. (Kidding. A confession is unnecessary. Those who know the truth, know it already. And the shitheads who believe his lies don’t care. They prefer the lies and don’t care at all for the truth.)

Big Media fail: NBC News has no issue with one of its reporters — “journalists” — act like a clown.

New elite media fail: Outsourcing inept reporting.

Assholes: The corporate copyright fascists, who just deservedly lost one.

Another wingnut like, disproved, that the media elite surely will not allow to die.

Jesus clearly told him to do this. Must have been the right thing…. Clearly the only proper reaction now is to beat up on some Muslims….

See: The ultimate tech show.

Just got hit by a tsunami of nostalgia....
Things never change....

This is so not safe for… well, maybe it’s safe for work, depending, you know, where you work… but keep the kids away:

Yes, I am a sucker for stuff like this:

The ultimate ice show; watch this and you won’t even put ice in your drinks, maybe not even use your freezer ever again, maybe even support global warming to be safe:


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