This is Greatness, the Greatest Greatness Ever

I guess they got this right... how prescient....

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets. — Voltaire

Blogger’s note: Terrible. We finally replace the desktop that died last November (is a fried motherboard logic-board dead enough for you?), with a 21.5″ iMac*. Your dividend: it’s so fast, I can post so much more in about the same time as the old days. (*But for the price, it’s the best damn desktop ever. Period. And it’s not just me, see?)

Read: The next Great American Fail. And yet another. Worse than Carter, worse than Hoover, maybe as bad as G.W. Bush… what a legacy is going to be left, what long-lasting harm and damage to our nation. Sometimes, the enmity of both extremes is proof one’s doing the right thing, but sometimes it’s just confirmation of failure….

Here’s our leader’s very current Fail.

Can this be? Is Obama giving up on the assured failure of bipartisanship (can’t get compromise from those whose sole policy is to assure your failure) and is now seeking support from his own party instead??

Asshole: Lamar Alexander and his lies. Really, I still amazed at the ability of the Republicans and their supporters to just spew one line of shit after another with a truth rare and inadvertent. Really, their a sickness on the commonweal, one that is, in fact, killing us….

More Republican modern “conservative” (read: destroyer of America) scumminess:

GOP Innovation in democracy: Only certain majorities rule. Other times, a super majority is needed. It’s explained here (and now I understand clearly.)

Asshole: Jon Kyl. Correction: Lying motherfucker asshole. He should only die this second and for the first time in his life do something good.

Was what happened on 2/28/1854 the beginning of the end?

How the post democracy system works: Private companies with something to sell, use lobbyists to create policies based on nothing more, with no more legitimacy than buying companies’ products and services, and damn what the nation needs. Start here; more here. Again, we’re clearly lucky to live in a one party corporatist, democracy -hating state where even a retard unqualified moron can be elected president.

There ain’t no 4th amendment in Texas; this is disgusting.

By the time Murdoch figures how to make the online Wall Street Journal significantly profitable, it’ll be too late because by then, the brand will be so degraded. (Actually, it’s very close to being a piece of shit now. Just parse the home page.) And here’s another delusion of Rupert’s. Much as I respect his genius, he’s been consistently wrong on all things web and on this as well. And the fact that News Corp. really didn’t enjoy any Avatar bounce….

The desperately poor can teach us something.

Very, very bad news — but for who, I wonder.

What makes America great? We can literally eat ourselves to death. And more bad, unhealthy food we love.

Then again, if you want to eat healthy, you can start here.

We also have the greatest healthcare system in the world, and here’s proof of its superiority. And this (maybe).

More greatness: HIV rates in places (D.C., N.Y.C.) that beat Africa.

And we excel at teaching our kids to be as stupid as possible.

There are of course worse places to live:

(More of the same here.)

Or this place is pretty awful.


Pussy: Harold Ford’s decided he doesn’t want to be my senator after all. If I were at all a racist, I’d say maybe this isn’t a good time for a candidate to be a light-skinned Black man, specially in New York….

Surprise! The wingnuts are wrong about ACORN.

Major publisher Fail. Why spend money confirming an author’s research? Save money, publish lies, lose money and get embarrassed — that’s a much better way to do business.

This is great; some of you rather get your news from me than from Murdoch. Link.

This is sad. Particular to the extent any failure of a public pension’s involved….

Answer: Fuck them. Getting stiffed is a risk of being a whore (not that they all are, I’m sure).

Really? Me, I find this just a teeny bit too coincidental….

This is just a little bit bizarre….

This is sick.

Is each day of our lives now shorter??

UK and world media fail. God, they are all so fucking stupid, running an utter lie like this without, you know, verifying it or anything; let the old media die. They’ve long ago stopped being of very much worth to the world….

Is Man rational? Apparently not. (But we knew that….)

Xeni’s right (is Xeni not always right? Of course she is): This is some kind of sick corporate bottom-fishing: Chanel, the sign of no-class.

Is this a Polish joke? Does the fact that it’s apparently true mean that it’s not a joke so therefore, you know, okay?

With Fail dead, can there now be change that we need?

Meet the case for a 90% big estate tax.

Today’s fashion tip:

Laff at the dope:


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