A Glimmer of Hope or Another Jerkoff?

There’s something the technicians need to learn from the artists. If it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it’s probably wrong. /.

Robin Meade emailed me to tell me that CNN says that the new lies of Tiger Woods are an important issue facing this country. That is truly major news. If we lose the old media dinosaurs, we might miss important news like that. I mean, the new lies of that fucking louse Tiger Woods. Can anything possibly be more important?? Thanks for the head’s up, CNN! The most trusted name in nooz indeed!

Will a healthcare bill worth shit actually get passed? Any bill of any benefit?? Certainly, the time for true reform is not now. Or is it? Obama finally, at this late stage, decides to act? Passing anything short of real reform now will prevent reform for a generation or more. Meanwhile, looks like reform maybe needed more than we think (and here’s detailed autopsy of the disaster that is the present system)… but of course, in our times, need has nothing to do with solving….

Shameful: DOJ’s torture whitewash.

Good news for the GOP, bad news for everybody else. But isn’t that the way it is?

I love (and understand) Eliot Spitzer even though he’s a pol because he doesn’t care enough at this point in his life (or “professional political cycle”) to lie. Watch!

Our scummy leaders’ scumminess.

This story is ultimately uplifting, except where it’s depressing (hint: the stupidity of the immigration system).

Something about which I agree with Dick Cheney.

A school uses the webcams on school-supplied laptops to spy on kids at home! Link.

My state’s small town justice: It’s craptastic!

An Olympian loses her name to the IOC.

Scummy: Non-profits that forget why they’re in business — to do good — and think the only important thing is to live the high life. Like these assholes.

What a surprise: Now that it’s out in the wild, in actual use, not just testing by reviewers, it turns out maybe Windows 7 is something of a piece of crap. But really, why expect good from a monopolistic marketing company that doesn’t know how to combine good and profitable? OTOH, maybe that link is just another piece of feeble-minded crap from one of those companies in the imbecilic opinion business, spewing garbage for money.

Proven: The Times provides proof of it’s imbecility at it’s top.

A lifestyle for our times. I think she maybe forgot about stealing broadband….

Graphic novel of the day is here.

An iPhone nearly as good as the Nexus One.

Essential stuff.


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