(Continuing) The Great American Fail

Our leader.

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised. — George F. Will (Far more the former these days.)

Obama loves nukes (unless it’s part of a plan to kill a bunch of crackers). God, it gets harder and harder to remember that he’s better than John Sidney McCain III would have been….

Loved. Not. Epic fail.

The majority of Americans love Obama as much as I do. I guess doing shit and letting the nation’s slide continue doesn’t get much support beyond his masters (who will happily desert him if necessary) and a core group or two….

Query: Is Obama out of his fucking mind? Can anyone, you know, actually explain him?

Query: Do I hate Obama more than I do Beloved Leader and his pack of America-hating traitors?

I’d say another victory for Obama but does it matter?

The wingnuts and their masters have won. (See?) Being liberal means being irrelevant. If the global economic meltdown couldn’t elicit any sort of needed correction, nothing will.

How greed (okay, and stupidity and greed-fuelled disregard) killed at the Olympics. (Access link via Google “not-evil paywall-buster” News.)

Support for a public option grows as the healthcare reform-free bill dies. That is, pols now become brave enough to support it now that it’s clear there’s no chance in hell than any reform is going to get passed.

Worse than an asshole: Evan Bayh. Death would only be good enough for him if it’s slow, and torturously painful (not suggesting nothing, just saying). I cannot express my full contempt for him other than to say it’s probably in a class with my love for the hopey changey man. And don’t cry for Bayh. He will be well rewarded by the destroyers of America for his betrayal.

Of course Sarah Palin is stupid. And that’s why the media elite are now so irrelevant: The inability and refusal to report simple truth.

Does this explain why the Haitians can do nothing about their dysfunctional state?

Somewhere else worse than here (although that doesn’t make America’s fall excuseable or OK).

Listen and learn maybe:

Yet another media failure. And a Times reporter maybe resigns but the Times doesn’t know??

Google’s Blogger = evil.

Legal free speech in our democracy: You can say your teacher is the worst.

Home of the brave this guy’s ass. And he’s right. Always finding the alpha braying of the wingnut goosestepper wannabes a fascinating contradiction.

Asperger’s may soon be normal.

If it wasn’t true, this joke would be funny.

Great, happy news:

Rise In Teen Pregnancy Proves Teens Still Got It

Saaadd but close to true....


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