President’s Day Flash: Of the People, By the People, for the People — NOT (Have a Nice Spin in the Grave, Abe!)

No hope, never change. Business as usual.

The only completely consistent people are the dead. — Aldous Huxley

The price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press, is that we must put up with a good deal of rubbish. — Robert Jackson

Just in case you have any doubt who runs this nation:

Broke-ass Washington state set to give MSFT $100M annual tax cut and amnesty for $1B in evasion

Did I say we’re a corporatist nation? It’s a corporatist world. Read how Goldman Sachs screwed Greece. And it’s worse than that: As it’s lackey, Goldman’s got the U.S. government helping it screw a NATO ally. (I’m sure that’s OK with Obama & Co., let alone the GOP.)

By which we show our true patriotism to our real masters....
Isn't this all cute and sweet and make you want to say Awww instead of, I don't know, doing something violent...?

Query: With all the giving and stuff and charity, why does the world never get better or, for that matter, why are things so much worse now?

Another GOP scumbag. Votes against budget bill, accepts pork in it for his district. Indeed, the scum always rises…. People of such high principal, even by the low standards for pols….

More journalism that won’t be missed when the dinosaurs die under ineptitude, debt and the alienation of their audiences…. And maybe I’m missing something, but this is such bullshit, it’s inexcusebale of the reporter giving it a scintilla more credibility than it deserves. What the story the reporter missed is that a bunch of cell carriers will establish an additional layer for mobile application developers to deal with while they pick and choose amongst a number of incompatible OSes and claim it makes things easier for developers. Get it? The 4th rate journo passes off the idea that one can call increased complexity a simplification unquestioningly. In other words, he’s acting simply as a corporate shill and absolutely no more. May he termination notice be imminent….

In the loony rightwing where bullshit rules, a dirty hand is the equivalent of a retard moron looking at notes on her hand (of course the real difference is that the retard moron is our next president):

Reminder and explanation: Bubbles are good things and that’s why re-inflating the speculation bubble is so important to Obama and the GOP. A retard moron surely can understand that.

WTF? An “Operation Titstorm” without any tits??

More from the WTF Dept.: The Pope’s Top 10 Pop Albums of all Time.


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