The Best of Times; The Utter and Complete Failure of Barack Obama….

How’s this for the nickname for this era and this administration: The Great Disaster.

Obama: Again with the failures… and here’s another… and there’s this and this and this and this and this and this….  And then there’s the ticking bomb of the housing meltdown which Obama has failed to do anything significant to slow. And here’s his big fuck you to the people who got his ass elected. He thinks they’ll forget in 2012. I think not enough. We’ll see… and see how awful a job he does in the next three years…. And here’s the very short version…. And here’s what a popular president could have done if he wasn’t a whore for the financial establishment.

The failures that are coming.

Much of the reason why the unemployment situation will not improve for a very long time… the unemployed are people who don’t matter to our elite and their fellatists. (Fellating your betters is a growth industry in modern America.)

Approximately 13% of the populace receives food stamps.

Here’s a big part of the explanation for the end of the American experiment in democracy. Of course, a democracy can only work where there’s good will and we ran out of that decades ago, with it never to return….

The very short version of the utter and complete failure of the Big Media journalism.

Future history: President Palin will not only be our first woman president but our first one who’s been clinically diagnosed as retarded as well. (Sarah Palin = retard.)  7% of those polled have a favorable impression of our next president but think, or believe, her unqualified. Meet Palin’s brains here.

Why Australia is a backward nation.

Asshole: Joe Lieberman. Again. Is it because of some pathology, or is he just a piece of shit of a human being who’s done absolutely no good for the world as a, you know, leader?

That this shithead hasn’t been reamed by the Big Media elite says a lot:

Stupidity in America; Another growth industry.

Big Finance fucked Greece by lending irresponsibly (and/or enabling irresponsible borrowing) but it was legal so it’s all OK. (Link.)

Can you spot the obscenity here?

Actually, little as I thought of Microsoft as a profitable business — that it loses money on everything except the Windows monopoly and the Office crypto-monopoly — it’s worse than I thought. I thought the Xbox operation had a profit (licensing for games, not from sales of the boxes, and the Mac Business Unit as well. Seems I was wrong….


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