Did I Say “Complete Failure of Leadership”?

Each of us wages a private battle each day between the grand fantasies we have for ourselves and what actually happens. — Cathy Guisewite

From the Duh Sept.: Bipartisanship fails. And by bipartisanship, it is meant Obama and the pussy Dems diluting their policies to unsuccessfully attract GOP support when a) the GOP only cares that Obama and the Dems fail and b) whatever results, is per se so inadequate that doing nothing is better than the bastard result.

Obama gets 27 nominees through the Senate. Given his track record, how can you say that’s a good thing?

Welcome to the United Third World States of America. And here’s another one of the UTWSA.

Remember this when the Palins are elected POTUTWS in 2012.

Read: A major record company shoots itself in the foot, indirectly encourages more theft.

WTF? Is every Toyota a well-built defective death ride??

Another example of how business invests: Taking on gobs of debt to pay a premium for a dying business. Guys, that’s a recent development, completely unnatural, and a clear plan to failure….

This cannot happen here:

Modern stupidity. Enough. Who cares?

My god speaks to his peeps.

Must... have... this....

The following video is awesome!


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