When Will Democracy Be Restored To America? Ever?

Reminder: He doesn't give a fuck about you, only about himself and his and following his masters' orders so he can earn great wealth from them. Fool me once....

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. — Eleanor Roosevelt

I guess we have to remember there’s a difference between the alleged fact anyone can grow up to be president and not just anyone is qualified to be president. Not that the Palins’ utter and complete lack of any abilities to govern competently (and I used Obomba as an example of unable to govern competently) will likely prevent their election in 2012 — thanks to the fine work done on behalf of the GOP by Obomba. Professor Krugman finally realized how epic a failure Obama is. Sorry, professor, your dumb, ignorant non-Nobel-winning, not-employed by the N.Y. Times blogger beat you to that long ago…. The moral, reader: The old media really can drop dead with little harm to the world.

Failed: The unemployed. Twice. Of course, now that finance has given up on investment for speculation, the latter have no need for full employment anyway so why should the pols do anything and risk the loss of contributions? If a pol doesn’t care about unemployment, why should he be reelected? How about voted out and fired?

And when can we start calling it the Great Recession 1 since Obama is ensuring a very, very early sequel? Or, for that matter, he’s clearly working to turn this into the Great Depression 2. Look at your history: Making FDR’s great mistake, reacting far worse than Hoover.

A GOP-majority senate can pass stuff 51-49. A Dem Senate can’t pass stuff 59-41. Why? But it would explain how saying the GOP has a 41-person majority is in fact correct.


Why would this be?

David Patterson refuses to be leave office if voted out.

President Palin wants a third war! Genius, leadership we need.

Here, again, for all the wingnuts: a Wall Street Master of the Universe explains nice and simply how Big Finance fucked us all and how deeply our government is failing — that’s both parties. And again for the slow-witted, Jeremy Grantham is no commie socialist foreigner but a pure capitalist.

Isn’t this lovely? The corporations controlling our nation don’t care about unemployment anymore. Of course when, thanks the out of control transfer of wealth upward, their making of further wealth is based primarily on speculative investments between themselves so who massive unemployment is no problem for them. And that’s all fine with our elected leaders.

Obomba wusses out on bank “reform”. So he really was just talking… well, talk without action works for the GOP so why not for Obomba? Clearly, talking hope and change is enough, there’s no need to deliver…. And why is Simon Johnson saying this? He can’t be that stupid, can he??

Answer: No one. Question: See here.

In our era, greed justifies everything. There is no other or better reason to do anything and no reason not to do something trumps it.

Dead too late: The man who started the death of broadcast journalism.

Creepy, awful photos of the fall of the WTC towers….

Really, how great an amount of stupidity did it take TSA’s finest to have this guy arrested?

This is exactly why things are fucked up: That anyone with a straight face can characterize rightist bullshitters as “journalists”. I don’t think so…. And likewise this: These people know nothing, certainly not how to save print journalism. Actually, first question is even whether it needs to be saved.

You gotta love them rednecks. Well, not really… having them shot might be better though….

TSA's proof the carrier of this was a terrorist.

Now that I think about it, the wingnuts have had a victory, not just quite the one they aimed for. They have successfully bankrupted the government. Not financially, as they wanted, though, that’s essentially impossible anyway. No, they bankrupted the government morally.

Click on the image to find out how real and cool this may be.

The Chinese make English burglars turn to mugging. (Link.) And here’s another way China is clearly superior to us.

Again, one profession in which to make big bucks: the complete bullshitter. Which, again, is why most journalism outlets will not be missed because sooo much of their output now consists of lies, distortions and irrelevancies.

Correlation between a low IQ and heart disease? Read this.

The Nexus One is awesome.


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