Fail, Fail, Fail….

The hopey changey guy....

Attention, elite media “finace” and “economy” journos: Just about everything you need to know and report is here. And when you all read about the weekly jobs report remember this: Numbers below growth of 100,000 new jobs is bad news.

Attention, elite media journos and the fellow ignoramuses who follow their so-called reporting: There was no serious left in this country and in any case, it’s dead.

Of all the scum that fills the GOP, Mark Sanford may be the worst. Or maybe John Sidney McCain III, martyr and destroyer of an American aircraft carrier and person who brought us Presidents Palin and Palin?

Who needs the Washington Post? What does it do that’s essential? Or any journalist who can’t get this story right?

Another fact the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration chose to ignore, for which many if not most of us are paying….

Yet another chapter in “Obomba and the Failure of the Dems”. And here’s another! And of course, the Dems have yet to learn running like Republicans is a loser. — another one’s about to be rewarded by being defeated by a true wingnut. And another inexcuseable failure of the Dems….

Fear the teabaggers.

Maybe Harold Ford didn’t lose his last campaign because of sleazy, racist ads but because too many voters actually exposed to him thought he was such a piece of shit?

Reminder: Both parties are cool with a lousy economy because their backers are cool with it. The pols will lie about it to some degree or another but they’re all cool. None truly care enough about us to do anything to fix things.

Christofascist manipulative egotist asshole:

Fuck Amazon.

Some interesting geeky numbers.

Damn! Thanks to the Times, I realized I missed this place, and wish I had the chance to take my daughter to it....

(more about that last one here.)


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