Did I Miss Something? Have Things Gotten Better?

Whiskey, tango, foxtrot: Not a recipe for (albeit weird) fun. It’s more like the world now….

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man. — Mark Twain

Real friends are those who, when you feel you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job. — Anonymous

Man’s reach must exceed his grasp, for why else the heavens? — /.

The failure of the Dems: refuse to make the right choice between doing the right thing — what’s necessary — or what the GOP may agree to. In other words, they have made themselves utterly irrelevant to anything, from Obomba on down. Welcome to a true one party state; whichever party you vote for, you’ll get a Republican. Thank you, Barack Hussein Obomba for your successful leadership and refusal to provide change, and for the destruction of hope.
Another liberal dream that will never become real — a constitutional amendment on campaign financing? In a democracy, there may have been a chance. In our corporatist state? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. And maybe here’s another clue: liberals wasting energy showing how insane the wingnuts are. How about trying this: using a popular president and significant congressional majorities to pass laws and to govern that actually do good for the country instead of for a corrupting elite of the super-wealthy? Oh, it’s too late for that. Never mind….

One clue to why Obomba keeps failing? Here’s one new fail and another.

Michael Steele is completely and utterly irrelevant. Certainly not with RNC effective co-chairs Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obomba doing most excellent and effective and successful jobs. (See? Obomba is not a complete failure!)

Good news! In an oligarchy, private thug is a profession for the long term. Think it’s a sick country? Here’s the latest pathology. And again, here’s the Uganda homophobia bill written by American Christofascists. There’s no love like Christofascist love. Actually, there’s no love….

Can you believe this? A Republican liar who actually loves his pork…! Clearly, this is leadership America needs now! Not like this imbecilic Democrat.

As is this: Sarah Palin, tax cheat. (Don’t worry, it won’t stop her election in 2012.) And she never actually ran Alaska. She was elected governor and Todd ran the state. So don’t worry about her, he’s the one you’ll be electing in 2012.

A new way to ensure our children grow up to be fucking stupid idiots.

Yet another stupid media obsession dumped on us: A magazine noted for its annual sexist issue runs a (cute!) sexist cover. So? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot indeed….

Damn, there’s a lot of spying by China….

In a corporatist state, why shouldn’t CIA personnel moonlight for a little extra money?

According to Obomba, it’s legal for a president to decide certain citizens should be hit, whacked, murdered by the state, without any trial, just per presidential fiat. (More here.) Call this a democracy? A free state?


Click on the image for the story. Then watch the facts disappear as the elite media trumpet the lies about the grave harm these deficits assure....

Did I say the sowers of fear about coming deficits are liars? This guy agrees.

Financial reform? Never happen. Here’s why.

Somewhat good news.

One government knows what to spend money on. Seriously.

Really, again, who needs “old media” with this mentality, this dedication to ineptitude and therefore ultimately irrelevance?

Or assholes like the DMCA?

Asshole: John Stossel:

This is fucked up (yes, pun — sadly — intended). Actually, this is moreso.

NPR used to be progressive. Now it’s mostly a big waste. A bunch of dumb assholes.

Why is Wallace E. J. Collins III, Esq., spamming me??? Just an asshole or is there another reason??

Those clever Indians! What they use when they must (always!) bribe officials.

Short of, I dunno, genocide or manipulation of global markets, Google can’t be more evil than this. Although this is of course competitive, evil-wise. And this is news to me: The Nexus-One or whatever it’s called can actually access 3G. When T-Mobile actually has it available, I mean. Clearly, Google knows mediocre crap will be an iPhone killer; its market has more than enough dopes….

Correction and repeat: Microsoft never creates. It steals and adapts and tries to ram down peoples’ throats. And it seems today’s news is that having someone with Asperger’s (my theory based on an in-depth profile) and whatever the fuck Ballmer is at the top of a company might not be so good for its culture. I disagree; Micro$oft’s problem is far deeper than that — it actually is its core business model….

Now this is a hunting dog with intelligence and principles…. On the other hand, my wife’s dim-witted bitch once opened a box of Fig Newtons faster and more neatly than just about any human could have so… there’s a mystery of animals here….

(A little about that video is here.)

Eat (and by that I mean, eat) here.

Genuine correction: That link to a TV news production guy looking at a nude pic, linked to the other day? Actually someone in the background behind an interview subject. But who cares? A serious mistake would have been saying, oh, America is a healthy democracy or Obomba’s financial policies are good and successful.


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