We aren’t Mad as Hell, We are Going to Keep Taking it… and More….

Cynic: A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. — Ambrose Bierce

Well, what do you know. The Supreme Court didn’t have to give the corporations unlimited free speech ’cause they had it all the time!

Xeni is right, this is wrong, she is wrong that this is anything major. Just another symptom in a very, very sick society that has already lost all perspective…. But this, this is really sick. And this may be the sickest of all (or, you know, not).

Making broadcast news is kind of like making sausage; we need to see some jerk-off in the background looking at a nude picture…:

Readflash from the No Shit Dept. Wish I read it fifty years ago….

A funny-weird failure.

This makes Xeni sick. Hope this isn't considered posting kiddy porn but you never know what the inmates running things might "think"....
Sad but true....

This is funny (but all I can do is link to it…).

Pee-Wee had a father....
A parable for our times: This is only sexist if you can't see. But it's still sweet!

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