Day: January 28, 2010

Still Searching for Just a Few Crumbs of Good News….


Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. — Aldous Huxley

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. — Oliver Wendell Holmes

Time goes, you say? Ah no! Time stays, we go. — Austin Dobson

Obomba Sate of the Union fail: again giving in to the GOP for no reason at all. Nothing like supporting everyone except the people who voted for you…. Update: Heard and saw parts (full slab of crap is here). Heard some lovely stuff, and the standing Os were sweet. And of course, we’ll get nothing out of it…. I mean, what’s changed for the better now? Why would anyone want to fight for his agenda? And here are a few stats…. And maybe he really isn’t as smart as I thought….

Here’s a cool way to help Haiti. But here’s the sad truth about Haiti. I wish there was a solution and if there was, that it could be implemented (and yes, it’s not just Haiti…).

Professor Krugman doesn’t think Obomba’s spending freeze is a very good idea (and he does so without referring to 1937).

Asshole and shithead: Three years ago, waterboarding worked, now it doesn’t.

American justice: Kangaroo court, American rightist-style.

Reminder: The GOP hates you. Proof here.

Wrong: Centrism didn’t die in Massachusetts last Tuesday. The GOP killed it decades ago. Frank’s analysis is right on enough, his solution unfortunately too late to do more than maybe get Obomba re-elected maybe. (I wonder though wheter there’s a significant number of Dems that’ll have to tack left to get re-elected and to continue a potentially healthy majority.) In either case, though, I’m sure the punditocracy hasn’t gotten or is choosing to ignore the message because these destroyers and haters of America will never do anything to hurt the GOP even as it destroys America. And that’s one huge reason to avoid the news channels: crap journalism wrapped around destructive opinions. Who needs it? My God, porn has greater value than being surrounded by such deep dishonesty….

A good guy dies; Howard Zinn, a teller of truth is gone…. More here and here. And the world’s oldest white-shoe lawyer too.

Zinn speaks:

Racist asshole: Chris Matthews. The fields of elite broadcast journalism are littered with people who don’t deserve to be on the air, to say the least….

The book publishers now want to emulate the RIAA. Amazingly or, given our era’s sensibility of the worship of ignorance and the hatred of knowledge maybe not, haven’t figured out yet that when you give a little away, you end up getting loads more money back.

CNN is a sick, defective, broken organization. Proof is here.

Headline of the day:

McGraw-Hill CEO: If This Wasn’t an Apple-Sanctioned Leak, I’d Already Be Dead

And here is the JesusPad. Non-workers know exactly what they use a laptop for and this is damn close to it.

Maybe pay walls aren’t a very good solution, huh, Newsday…? Maybe journalism that matters would help?

Have I said in this post yet Google=evil? See?

If there were secular saints, surely Mark Twain would be the saint of snark….

Who are the sick ones here?

Steve Tyler broke up Aerosmith to play a bas mitzvah? (Remember, this is not the Faux News Blog: no lies here, just the occasional inadvertent misstatement.)

This would be awesome; the casting of the century!

A joke we would find funny, but too true.

Let the good times roll; I refer, of course, to the past, certainly not now (what can you say about an era about which one of the great things is all the stuff to steal?):

This’ incredible: