Day: January 26, 2010

The Greatest Disaster to Strike America? Worse than 9/11! President Barack Hussein Obama, the Great American Tragedy


A civilized society is one that exhibits the five qualities of truth, beauty, adventure, art and peace. — Whitehead

Another sad day for the American people…. All you supporters of this awful, awful president — defend this piece of garbage now! A tip for Dems in the House: run the fuck away from any association with this piece of garbage. Dem majorities, forget what he wants, pass what you want. Or start looking for lobbying jobs now. Obomba is well on his way to half of his wish (guess which).

An obit for America.

I thought that Wall Street’s sweats that Obomba was going to do anything to cause the banks any significant pain, if any at all, was an over- or knee-jerk reaction. Well, looks like your blogger was right! Sleep easy, bankers — Obomba won’t hurt you!

Beaten by three cops. His crime? Carrying a soda bottle.

(More about the story behind the photo here.)

Let me make this simple: Once upon a time, individuals were the paramount citizens and businesses were just businesses. Now, corporations rule, so they can do what you and I can’t. In this case, one walks away from properties that are underwater (more here). And I assure you, Obomba is cool with that. (In other words: A corporation makes a bad deal buying property, no problem. I buy a home and see its value crater because corporations had to create a bubble by making loans to people who couldn’t afford them, for amounts greatly in excess of the true value of the property — why, Obomba believes I should suffer with no recourse. But you can’t treat a corporation like that — they’re special.)

Obomba to fail again! Hello, 1937! Hello, President Palin! Hello, ten years of GOP rule!

I should add: Ignore any talk of change from Obomba. If he couldn’t deliver from a position of power, he sure as shit can’t from a position of weakness. Just imagine… quite nearly as bad as G.W. Bush, worse than Hoover… what a Godawful legacy, and, again, tragedy for us….

(Yeah, yeah, who could have seen this coming — I mean, other than the racists, who didn’t see anything like this but at least refused to buy his line of crap?)

Answer: No. Question: See it here.

Meanwhile, just call him Tiger Obomba.

As a New Yorker, I can’t tell you how much I don’t even want to see Harold Ford run for senator. But don’t worry; if he does, there is no way he’ll be elected.

(More about that video here.)

I bite: Why do the elite media love sources with vested interests and then feel no need to report the utter unreliability of the source? No answer here, just someone else asking, more specifically asking why they do what they do. And people don’t or can’t realize the depth and breadth of corruption in our society??

Something to dream about… freedom from corporatist control…. Maybe you can actually do something to regain a little privacy….

How else the government spies on you (and Obomba’s cool with that).

What the Chinese government hates (not that ours is very much better).

American knowledge-hating assholes. And Google=evil.

Bankrupt journalism: The corporations can’t be described as losers without gratuitously dissing the tenants — and then explain why it’s of the least concern to them (hint: it’s actually of absolutely no concern).

I didn’t know this. Did you??

Lies for wingnuts (’cause they believe any stupid crap they wanna believe):