Day: January 24, 2010

Anger? What Anger? Tributes to the Spineless Failures and the Truly Talented

Five jokes about the Great Failures of the Dems from David (“Get Your War On”) Rees. I approve of each. Truth in humor and all that…. And here’s a lot of the problem: An anti-democratic belief that attracting voters can make up for a short-term loss of financial support from special interests. Money goes to the winners almost irregardless of positions. On the other hand, this is also why the Republicans talk love to the Christofascists before fucking them.

Query: When Obomba says anything (like this), is he completely full of shit?

Please. The only hope connected with the healthcare bill is that it dies and doesn’t get passed. That is, Congress should not pass any version of it. None. And Obomba actually still refuses to get involved in framing a plan…. And what’s wrong for the uninsured with rolling the dice and risking bankruptcy? If they’re uninsured, what do they have to lose? The providers have something to lose but not the uninsured patients. Of course, the easiest thing now, is pull the plug and campaign the ass off saying vote for us and there’ll be real healthcare reform, vote GOP and just get screwed in many more ways…. But of course, the Dems are too corrupt and balless to run on anything substantive…. Short of that, this would be very good news if true. Ditto this. Josh’s belief it must be passed to give the Dems any shot of avoiding disaster in November is dead wrong. Yes, Josh, people do want a de facto tax in return for nil benefit.

If true, this is very bad news: Obomba wants to lead.

Wow! The Village Voice has turned to complete crap!

Asshole: David Brooks. Yes, doing nothing is great when you’re too stupid and uncaring to bother to figure out what might work. Better to keep your money to spend on shit than using it to do any good.

They are fucking crazy in the South. One Republican wants to use public funds to feed stray animals but not students.

This is a very concise summary of the problem everyone to the left of insane rightist face: it’s now harder to get anything passed or done. If it couldn’t have been done before last Tuesday, it’s only harder, if not impossible, now.

I disagree with Atrios about this; There was every reason for Obomba to renominate Bernanke. The fucker was feeding gobs of money to Big Finance’s speculators. What could have possibly mattered — other than massive middle class loss of wealth and jobs…? And I disagree with Atrios about this too: The clock has run out on Obomba; there is now nothing he can do. Eight years of Bush, four of Obomba, then Palin… with a loss of freedom and democracy, with middle class wealth and jobs destruction and rampant systemic corruption… and so much more…. And Atrios fails to perceive the obvious: In the corporatist state, nothing can be done that would deprive corporations of a single penny. And yet another thing Atrios got wrong.

My governor is clearly a shithead (well, he also grew up fairly well off). Fiscal responsibility was laid out in the Old Testament. (You know, that Bible thing all them Christian Republicans allegedly believe in.) But whatever they do, these Christians actually give fealty to Mammon, so when you’re making loads of money, you never, ever save for the downturns. So now this.

Can relief for homeowners that involves increasing the amount they owe on homes with decreased value work? Obomba thinks so!

Corporatist asshole: eBay’s PayPal.

Reminder: Obomba’s toothless plan to help homeowners continues to fail.


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In this vale

Of toil and sin

Your head grows bald

But not your chin.

— Burma Shave