Midnight in America; The Experiment in Democracy is OVER

…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth….

Sorry, Abe; it’s history now, like you (except people pay no heed to history now).

Anyone really think this is really going to lead to anything good??

Isn’t it incredible? Things are actually worse now under Obama than they were under Beloved Leader. Sure, the Dems inherited a God-awful mess. But the Obama-ites did nothing to help. And now it’ll be legal for Big Corporations to take over…. Let the Great Exodus begin…. There is now officially no hope….

Let’s see…. Healthcare can’t be passed with a simple majority but the 1964 Civil Rights Act was? Any good reason for that?

I should say that this and the last few posts show a lot of despair. That’s me. You need not despair if you don’t follow the news, don’t know your history, don’t understand how these developments — that is, more than ever, the US is not a democracy in any respect but a corrupt corporatist state — will make things worse, and in other words, don’t give a shit. But yes, if your eyes are open, you should be despairing. Things will never get better. When something progressive is lost, it takes generations to get it back.

Look! One of the next failures of Obomba! (No one reading this is stupid enough to actually expect reform from Obomba??) Please, Sir, please just don’t do anything! You do nothing good. The nation cannot take anything  more….

Again, does anyone actually believe Obomba’s going to actually implement any significant reform of Big Finance? I mean, really? Clearly, the elite media are obsessed with the story but they’re idiots and whores, so their opinion’s pretty worthless….

Look at Haiti 360.

OoMM Competition: Will any sort of healthcare bill get passed? if so, other than the de facto tax and windfall for the carriers, what will it include now that it’s gonna get even more watered down?

And what’s amazing is that freedom can actually be profitable but nearly all the corporate overlords are too fucking stupid to accept it. (And the masses wouldn’t care anyway.)

Losers: EFF keeps fighting against warrantless (see the pun??) wiretapping. Too bad Obomba and his massas support it.

Hypocritical douchebag: Speaks out for internet freedom for China while her boss is against it….

Again, national security is predicated on who sells the best job or deal for themselves, not on, you know, the right way to do something, isn’t that right, you failed piece of shit Michael Chertoff?

Pandering to the right is a loser’s game: you get no support from them, alienate everyone, and do crap that’s no good for the nation. Ben Bernanke may well get smacked in the head by that really soon…. It’s great when a nation is ruled by a minority party that’s already shown it’s utter lack of concern for the nation…. Thanks for this great accomplishment, President Obomba!

Personally, I hate right-wing Jews who enable anti-Semitism if it comes from a wingnut, traitors to my people like that fuckhead piece of shit, John Podhoretz.

Look! Yet another reason why I hate the lying thieves of Chase Bank.

A judge shows a flicker of modest sensibility.

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas: It’s official; she’s not hot. But this is, an image for the ages:

I don’t particularly give a shit about the NBC/Leno/O’Brien Debacle of Dumb and Greedy, so this is about all I’ll say, except it’s Pee Wee and Pee Wee roolz!

Okay, and this is funny:


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