Has Anyone Noticed…?

Obama never really ever has anything to add after he spews some line of bullshit. The best he can say about Massachusetts is that the people of that state (commonwealth, to be precise) are so stupid that they showed their hatred of the prior administration by sending to Washington  a… Republican as lousy as the prior Republican administration.

The fucker acts like there hasn’t been a Democrat president elected with a mandate (and large majorities in both houses of Congress) who’s been in charge for the last year and utterly failed to accomplish anything to reverse the excesses and failures of that prior Republican administration.

Just because I’m a concerned citizen, let me spell it out for you, Mr. President. You’re an utter and complete failure. You’ve this nation no substantive good. In less than one year, you will have Republican majorities in both houses.

You have about nine months to turn things around.

That said, I expect absolutely nothing. I don’t even expect to be surprised.

The next two votes will be protest votes, ridding Congress of the Democrat majorities then ridding the nation of the failure that is your leadership.

If you couldn’t figure out what had to be done when you were elected, I expect the same failure now.


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