Day: January 22, 2010

Another Plea

Offering his most extensive public comments about the election debacle in Massachusetts, President Obama acknowledged that he’s taking some lumps but also trying to cast himself as a populist who will “never stop fighting” to bring health care reform and jobs to communities like this hard-hit manufacturing area outside Cleveland. (Link.)

Mr. President, you know you’re lying; you cannot be stupid enough to believe your lies. You did nothing when you had the strength, so you know you’re going to do nothing now. So please, just shut up and stop with the false promises and lies.

Of course, in an ideal world, someone who so quickly and completely betrayed his supporters and the voters who bought his line of shit would simply resign. You’ll hang on but hopefully do nothing because in your casee, all you’ve done is to make matters worse?

The wars? Failed policies.

Healthcare reform? No reform, just a de facto tax and a windfall for the carriers.

The Great Recession? Only ones who received significant aid and help were the speculators who created the disaster.

The housing crisis? Fully support the enablers of that awful macro-economic policy.

2010: The loss of Democrat majorities.

Things will not get better on your watch. Please at least do no more harm since you’re clearly unable to do any good.


A Historic Fail

Empowering the party you decisively defeated at the expense of your own party, supporters and, for that matter, the overwhelming majority of the nation’s citizens. Beat that, George W. Bush!

Damn! can Obama be worse than the little Bush? That would be too difficult for me to wrap my mind around but I wouldn’t reject the idea either.

A Public Plea to President Obama

Since you will have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say or needs to be said (I mean, for the benefit of the nation, not your awful ego), might I respectfully request you spare the nation and cancel your State of the Union speech?

Really, it’d just be an utter waste of time and money.

Has Anyone Noticed…?

Obama never really ever has anything to add after he spews some line of bullshit. The best he can say about Massachusetts is that the people of that state (commonwealth, to be precise) are so stupid that they showed their hatred of the prior administration by sending to Washington  a… Republican as lousy as the prior Republican administration.

The fucker acts like there hasn’t been a Democrat president elected with a mandate (and large majorities in both houses of Congress) who’s been in charge for the last year and utterly failed to accomplish anything to reverse the excesses and failures of that prior Republican administration.

Just because I’m a concerned citizen, let me spell it out for you, Mr. President. You’re an utter and complete failure. You’ve this nation no substantive good. In less than one year, you will have Republican majorities in both houses.

You have about nine months to turn things around.

That said, I expect absolutely nothing. I don’t even expect to be surprised.

The next two votes will be protest votes, ridding Congress of the Democrat majorities then ridding the nation of the failure that is your leadership.

If you couldn’t figure out what had to be done when you were elected, I expect the same failure now.

21 January 2010; A Day that Should Live in Infamy

The great Anerican experiment in democracy is over.

All that’s left is a corporatist-consumer state where the only freedoms are the freedoms to be lied to, to become inundated in debt and to be ignored by a one-party government. the Dems, under Barack Obama, has made themselves utterly irrelevant.

Of course, in the old days, a parlimentary government would resign after failures such as Obama’s and his party’s. Sad for us that isn’t so here,,,,