Day: January 21, 2010

Having a Couple of Laughs Between the Tears….

You can guess what he fucked up this time. Worse than Hoover, as bad as G.W. Bush... maybe he can sweet talk 2010 out of being a devastating defeat for those of us to the left of the wingnuts -- but don't count on it.... (And if you can't guess, click on the image for his latest fuck up.)
The people of Massachusetts have expressed the opinion of the American people: Barack Obama: Fuck us?? Fuck you! (Thanks, Pauley, who might even be cool enough to, you know, agree with the sentiment....)

Contemplate this: the significance of brown.

Or maybe Obama’s serious of failures have been deliberate? But if this resounding defeat dooms his healthcare bill, it’s a great thing. I mean, a good bill with real reform would have been a boost for small businesses, the economy and just about everyone else. This bill is just a tax and damn little more.

Elected in a response to the grossest, most inept administration in close to two hundred years. And what does he do? Empowers the party at the expense of his own and the American people. And for those who criticized the Europeans for not knowing what they were doing giving him the Nobel Peace Prize — they were right, the Europeans didn’t know what they were doing unless all they wanted to do was reward a cocksucker.

And what’s with this need for 60 senators? Why can’t shit be done with 58 (59 is Joe Lieberman) (Assuming the will is there)? Lyndon Johnson did far more with far fewer? Explanation? Discuss.

Look! Another big fat fuck you from Obama to the rest of us as he serves his corporate masters! It became apparent early on that the only significant advantage of a President Obama over a President John Sidney McCain III was that Sarah Palin wouldn’t become president. Well, since Obama has now assured her election in 2012, I guess there was no point to electing a man who will end up a close second to George W. Bush for just about the worse president ever. Or maybe worse. There’s three more years til he’s kicked out of office.

Obama takes a first small step to possibly implementing a minor “reform” of the banks that will accomplish nothing significant other than allowing to boast of taking action. (Link.) Maybe he’s, you know, doing everything his masters are allowing him to do…. Query: Could a president of the teabaggers do more for the middle class?

Instant update! Oh, wait, Obama has spoken. As usual, saying nothing, really. And shifting the blame, of course.

Professor Krugman gets hit in the head by the 2×4 that is President Obama’s failure. (Link.)

And of course that fucker Brown got put over the top by the protest vote against all of Obama’s failures. Maybe that’s why he still hasn’t said much. He’s incapable of apologizing for failure. But there’s good news: Obama’s reform-free healthcare insurer windfall bill may be scaled back to annoyance!

Sadly, this is neither a joke nor even funny. It is, no pun intended, fucked up. It’s a victimless crime, one to which I suppose more people are turning in this economic golden age….

Yeah, the elite media are pretty goddam fucked up. Really, that’s why they’re losing audience. If the iWhatever is worth shit, it’ll just give the old journo outlets a last gasps and you’ll be able to access new media with it easily….

The stuff here and here will make you smile (if Pauley fails).

The Droid (and by extension Android phones) seem to suck, huh?