Day: January 19, 2010

Kinder. Lighter. Still Pissy Enough, of Course….

A day late, yet always timely:

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. — Buddha

Haiti: The truth and more truth. Another Western-enabled failure for which the West can’t find the resources to correct…. Yeah, yeah, I know the individual responsibility argument but it only goes so far when you’re dealing with obscene corruption and oppression as well as simply grinding poverty. Which is to say it’s, unsurprisingly bullshit argument.

See: Haiti on the ground, right now! A report from someone helping on the ground now is here. And are these people quite selfish, heartless assholes or not?

The American media elite loves the theme of poor black people at every opportunity (i.e. disaster) “looting”. Too bad it’s generally a lie when it comes to Haiti but the lying, dishonest fuckers just can’t help themselves and are compelled to make things offensive…. The link raises a good question: Is it looting when the only way to get food and necessities when one’s job has been “lost” is by taking them from destroyed stores? Any media source that answers yes can be safely ignored as corrupt and worthless, hopelessly detached from reality….

Shouldn’t this be $8 billion, not million? Whose mistake…?

Check out the legitimacy of charities here. And here’s a place to give that neither supports Christofascists nor gives credit card companies windfalls.

Meet the next senator from Massachusetts, restoring some sick peoples’ perverted pride in America (or, I guess, pride in a perversion of America):

Guess we can’t complain about the wingnuts when President “Hope and Change” Obama’s to the right of them, huh?

No, I’ve haven’t forgotten Obama’s ever-worsening healthcare reform fail. My wife’s query: Those with pre-existing conditions: The insurers will still be free to screw them, right, there’s no reform there, right?

I used to think between Medicare, bankruptcy (Chapter 7, of course) and emergency rooms, the uninsured were in fact covered and Obama’s tax was all the more worse. Now I’m not so sure about them emergency rooms. They may be more of a problem than of a solution.

But there seems to be a way in which 2010 need not be a disaster…..

There he goes again! Obama plans to screw the middle class again. God: The son of a bitch is governing to the right of Slick Willie but without the pressures that compelled Slick to do so….

Another failure of the borrowing-for-no-good-reason model…. You’d think with all the media outlets in trouble for a comparable reason, they all’d do a better job covering stuff like this since it’s so damn close, literally….

Read this: Professor Krugman hallucinates….

Munitions for the U.S. Christofascists’ crusades in Afghanistan and Iraq, supplied by these America-hating assholes.

Wow! Corporatists are really pretty shitheaded assholes….

This almost makes be scared to buy new clothes….

The Googlephone: Epic fail or maybe Google will figure it all out someday? The arrogance of the monopolist, feeling no need to acknowledge reality….

The faces of America, 1949

Ah, nostalgia… when everyone recognized the anti-American counter-revolutionaries for the deranged force they were:

So NSFW, but I’m compelled, for some reason…: