Day: January 12, 2010

Clearly, the Golden Age is Upon Us

Why is this woman laughing?

To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle. — George Orwell

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. — Buddha

The wonders of a privatized military. I’m sure the moneyed special interests of the military industrial complex had absolutely nothing to do with the Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, and national security disasters. I mean, how could having policy set by the lobbyists of private enterprises possibly be a bad idea? What could possibly be wrong with policy set by the profit motive? Why shouldn’t satisfying special interests not be our leaders’ number one policy?

Wingnut law and disorder.

Clearly our nation is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy. What is so “of the people” let alone “for the people” or “by the people” of our president leadership? Yeah, yeah, I know Benjamin Franklin said we’d have to work to keep a democratic republic, which we’ve clearly failed to do… but still….

Not that I would blame the birth of the American oligarchy on one person, I do have a “poster boy” for it and his name is Ronnie Raygun.

More fallout from the end of the American republic: The death of any important, significant avant-garde i.e. progress.

Professor Krugman provides a reality check, demonstrating that America actually does not have the best of all worlds. Too bad no one’s listening….

Douchebag: What elite journalism needs: to be managed by inept, unqualified beneficiaries of nepotism.

Bullshit: GM will be profitable the same Big Banks are: By lying. GM will be profitable if you forget all the debt and financial loss-causing expenses eliminated by bankruptcy and government (taxpayer) money.

Elsewhere, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that God was responsible for her candidacy but neglected to mention He was also responsible for locusts.

Jeez, has NYS’ MTA done anything completely right in decades? The new Metro-North trains are already crappier than the ancient trains they replaced. The redesigned webpage, while pretty, shows just the dumbest priorities in making what’s important available and otherwise difficult to manage with pretty eye-candy. (The secret of Apple, clear for everyone to see but is instead ignored by all, has been deleted.)

The good done by the Somali pirates.

So. The JAG says the wingnuts are wrong to criticize Obama over the Christmas bomber. The elite media say the crazies are right — why else would the media be empowering the crazies??

Idea! TSA apparently can save the naked images from them scanners. Good. Let the TSA sell them on eBay and use the money to achieve, you know, fictional, impossible perfection, like the wingnuts believe possible. They can also set up an RSS feed (for a fee of course) maybe too!

It’s like so easy for the intelligent to be prescient.

Google=evil. How do you explain a 200% profit on the Nexus-One (or whatever it’s called)? And this is news?

The beverage of choice in Virginia? Shit!

Read: America’s newest minority’s how-to blog.

Click on the image to learn how you can help the little guy.

The sadly failed revolution (beats the Raygun Counter-Revolution):

¡Hola! It's San Muerte!


Sad but true... and the nation is all the worse for it....
Ladies and Gentleman (until I may be caught), I give you what must be Episode 69. (Click on the image -- you know you want to!) for the details.