Day: January 10, 2010

Really, is There Any Reason Not to be Angry??

The bearer of bad news -- which I for one believe....

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By becoming attached to names and forms, not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself, error rises and the way to emancipation is blocked. –Buddha

Gumby’s daddy’s dead. Read the obit here and another one here and watch this:

The real terror plot against America. And these guys are scoring victory after victory.

Christmas bomber reality check. Don’t discuss anything about it without reading this first. (And this too.)

Asshole: Saint Joe Lieberman, according to his voters.

Asshole (redux) and now ex-Mayor of Nothing: Rudy Giuliani, jumping on the new wingnut meme but making it even crazier. The deaths of over three thousand innocents on 9/11 simply did not happen because a Republican was president. What did happen was a successful act of terrorism Christmas last (in which there was not a single death or even injury that mattered) because a Dem was president. Yes, it’s sick and demented — it’s so Republican. (Warning: Do not try to make any sense of the spew out of Rudy’s mouth. It can make you crazy.) Bottom line: Rudy confesses that he’s a hero of absolutely nothing…. And the elite reporter apologises long after the fact for his ineptitude. (And ABC News is headed by someone with no knowledge of or experience in journalism.) Instant update: After a couple of days, Rudy realize he’s wrong.

Asshole: Rudy’s police commissioner hits pregnant woman then drives off. Rudy: A scumbag leading a team of scumbags….

Asshole: Reuter’s chief David Schlesinger who spikes a legitimate story for no good reason he’d admit. (Actually, the subject was a man of great wealth and influence.) When Reuter’s customers are out of business, you’ll know why: Done by ineptitude and reliance on a shitty, dishonest product. Remember: The bullshit that passes for modern elite journalism is just one big load of irrelevant crap.

A horde of assholes: Liars and those who lazily repeat the lies because they agree with the thesis and don’t care about, you know, facts. Didn’t editors once ask people if they knew what the fuck they were writing about and whether they could back up their shit?

A bunch of whores.

A great moment in government failure to address an important issue so they all can continue pandering to the rightist crazies. Watch this and have your pride in America restored:

Idiot: An ex-wingnut still doesn’t comprehend just how stupid and crazed they are. Despite his own stupidity, ignorance and lack of awareness, he clearly still feels he has an opinion that matters. No, Sir, you’re just a dumb fuck.

Speaking of rightist imbeciles: What sort of shitheads want us to believe the GOP is now surprised to find out what a piece of garbage Michael Steele is? Because I have a moment, let me stress it has nothing to do with his positions but how he expresses same. That and that he was clearly selected as a parody of Obama.

Speaking of the mass feeble-mindedness that is the modern media elite: The L.A. Times crapifies its product for not much money and no good reason.

Another great moment in the history of broadcasting: It’s not so smart or economically wise to save money by running a cheap piece of crap five nights a week if it chases your affiliates’ audience away.

The Global Economic Meltdown, as a matter of fact, has no effect on good old American imperialism and empire building (other than by contributing to the deficit without bringing along any significant aid to the economy).

And who would trust idiots like this asshole with national security:

“I think one main thing would be to — just himself to use the word ‘terrorism’ more often.”
— Homeland Security Committee member Rep. Peter King, asked how, specifically, Obama could improve counterterrorism efforts

Reminder: Obama’s still failing homeowners, big time. More of his homeowner fail is here. But seriously, how can you bring relief to homeowners when you have make sure the insane, irresponsible lenders don’t lose a fucking cent in the process. Do the math…. More Obama fail here. But what do you expect from a president who can’t rise to the level of Herbert Hoover because he’s too busy whoring for special interests’ money?

This is all sad: That people would or could or say what’s attributed to them, that anyone thinks crap like this necessary to report.

So this self-absorbed yuppie douchebag has a book on her efforts to advance herself from happy to deliriously happy. Well, here’s the real way to become a truly better person (via America’s first true intellectual genius and man of principle).

Reminder: It’s actually isn’t just America that’s fucked up. Canada is busily engaged in making the Vancouver Olympics an absolutely disgrace.

Real or joke? Who can say? And this: A joke practically touching on the truth the media elite is avoiding, to wit, the asshole is deliberately lying in order to pander to the feeble-minded.

May I say that I agree that this minor celebrity is not heavy from pregnancy but from eating, more specifically, probably, fellatio, I’m sure, in my opinion.

The Amanda Show indeed....