Day: January 7, 2010

No Green Shoots of Anything Here (Yeah, Yeah, What Else is New?)

Proof we don't need no stinking healthcare reform. Click on the image to see it legibly and for the story.

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Wow! This blog was endorsed in the 19th Century:

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” — Mark Twain

My wife has a slight impediment in her speech –
every now and then she stops to breathe.” — Jimmy Durante

Life exists for no known purpose. /.

Wow! Over 8 years for our leaders to figure out this simple, self-evident step in preventing terrorism by air…. Read about it here. And maybe it’s because the TSA is such a God-awfully stupid operation, run and managed by sub-cretins? And the INS is little better: They can make an arrestee disappear. Great; our security has proven in the last decade its (apparent) inability to find anyone in the first place…. And here’s a reality check to the hysterical (not really) wingnuts (they’re just screaming to scare people in a power grab).

An obituary for the America that was.

A floor may be established beneath which the reform-free healthcare reform bill will get no crappier than it already appears to be destines to be.

Who says Bernanke’s a dope? He just realized that the global economic meltdown resulted from “lax oversight”. And maybe he’ll someday figure out the answer to that….

The genius of the wingnut: Elect Dem, who then switches to GOP and thereby gains district’s support. Just by changing a party affiliation? That’s what it takes?? Is it me or is that incredibly stupid (yet important enough for the front page of the Times)?

Christian love: Three evangelicals go to to Uganda to persuade its leaders to make homosexuality a capital crime. Surely, it is now morning in sub-Saharan Africa as Jesus will now smile on the continent….

The shortish version of why this nation is fucked economically. I mean, for those who weren’t paying enough attention to figure it out themselves…. Oh, hell, here’s a the money quote:

During the good years of the last decade, such as they were, growth was driven by a housing boom and a consumer spending surge. Neither is coming back. There can’t be a new housing boom while the nation is still strewn with vacant houses and apartments left behind by the previous boom, and consumers — who are $11 trillion poorer than they were before the housing bust — are in no position to return to the buy-now-save-never habits of yore.

What’s left? A boom in business investment would be really helpful right now. But it’s hard to see where such a boom would come from: industry is awash in excess capacity, and commercial rents are plunging in the face of a huge oversupply of office space.

Actually, I have no problem with this: Mike Bloomberg wants junkies to know how to shoot up.

The greatest thing that happened on  January 1980. Ahhh…, me, I bought at least a couple albums and a bunch of tapes at the Disc-O-Mat… and spent a little time at the Palladium….

I do believe I’ve had it with this dumbass belief that believers can be controlled or persuaded by sanctions. It makes no sense and has been proven wrong time after time. Even moreso here where Iran was bombed with sanctions after the Islamic revolution. So now that Iran’s still acting as it chooses, the weapon of choice for the big-mouth rightist failures (enabled by the media elite) is… more sanctions. And of course, our brilliant leaders slept* while the Pakis developed nuclear arms then spread same through the Islamic world. (*By slept, I of course mean were either ignorant of what their ally was doing or simply had no objection if they knew or understood that they were powerless to do anything.)

And here’s a Fox crazy with an idiotic idea: Tiger can get his mojo back endorsements-wise by “converting” to Christianity. That is, the solution is to becomes a Christian lying hypocrite. Query: What kind of mind would trust this kind of whack job for reporting the news?

Look! Something reported competently! yes, it was ten years ago and is an anomaly.

Reminder: In the post-global economic meltdown economy, Big Banks make money by cooking their books and stealing.

How national security policy is made: by monied special interests out to make, uh, money.

Newt Gingrich is on to something buy by all means, let’s discriminate against and profile all haters of our freedoms including the wingnuts and radical anti-Americans running this nation (into the ground).

And God bless the GOP: Given a choice between true security and making a buck at the expense of our safety, they go for the lucre.

Did I say the GOP are sick people and that they hate you? And here’s one sick bitch apparently willing to be put down (so to speak).

What’s the pay for being a dope blogger? This ex-Timesman has seemed to always be late with the obvious….

This is bad news and I don’t believe it.

A bunch of extremely stupid people.

Cowards. Who needs them anyway. A Dem majority? What good’s it done?

A small, partial fix for the media elite newspapers. But following this Rx still leaves loads of shit in their reporting which, you know, maybe is a bigger problem. And the owners’ gratuitous debt loads….

The Times swings, and they miss! The question isn’t whether the Fed would recognize a bubble but whether it would care to do anything. Certainly the last two chairs showed they don’t care to do anything about one. (Or Greenspan was about 97% dumber than recognized.)

Another front page screw up at the Times: Two Dem senators and a governor call it quits. That scares Dems. And when all the Republicans quit? No front page concerns at the Times. Why? Cause Michael Steele or his massa, Rush Limbaugh, didn’t say anything? I’d love to know the rationalization. Hey, Pinch and Keller: On your watch, you’ve almost succeeded at making the Times inessential. Keep it up, given time, I know you’ll succeed.

Another great moment in modern journalism: Rupert Murdoch deems a loss as an increase. Again, if newspapers die, what will we lose? Maybe all that will be left are people dedicating to actual reporting, not pushing inanity??

Another place fucked up by oppressive assholes (what else is new?).

I dunno… maybe this all I care to note about the Nexus-1 or whatever it’s called…. No. I’ll add this. Given the crappiness of Google Docs, the flakiness of Google Chrome, the fails of Gmail, Blackberry and the great Sidekick disaster of 2009, why would one want to trust everything that a smartphone is good for to the oh so fallible cloud? Why give up the control? Oh wait, there’s this: You go, guys!

Speaking of assholes: Bono. Not just for being a hypocritical tax cheat. He also hates freedom.

Another asshole and embarrassment to the U.S.A.: Marine Capt. John Campbell.

Stud! And clear over-achiever.

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Watch a god at work:

(More about it here.)

Another graphic genius is seen here.

Let the Japanese tell you that Tommy Lee Jones is way more awesome than you ever knew:

It’s never too late (or anytime is the right time) for something like this:

Why is this woman smiling?


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