Big New’s Year Eve Post! Read this Now, it Will Enable Extra Drinking Later!

Our next president, by the awesome, great, sadly recently-deceased David Levine.

However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? — Buddha

Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Television news is like a lightning flash. It makes a loud noise, lights up everything around it, leaves everything else in darkness and then is suddenly gone. — Hodding Carter

R.I.P.: David Levine.

Duh. It takes The Economist to tell us that it’s the quality of the journalism that matters, not the means of delivery. Of course, we knew that….

Wow! Our intelligence services lied to us!?

Yeah, it changed after 9/11. Crazed America-hating imbeciles are in charge.

Airport security: The Master speaks. And Obama agrees with him. New litmus test: Anyone who disagrees with this does not belong in power or in any position of any sort with any influence. None.

Scared? Of course not. Assured... and left scared by the crazies running your country....

God bless the ruling party (the GOP): Loves to talk tough about security then they go and put us at risk. Read: What the Iranians — the Goddam Iranians — can teach us. Ironically, we both got oppressive changes of government around the same time…. Query: When did elite journalism switch from reporting facts to writing fiction? Another rightist idiot pundit heard from:

Crook doesn’t offer any policy critique at all. Instead, he condemns Obama for not reaching out to Republicans, for “deferring to the implacably partisan Democratic majorities.” (Link.)

And watch this one blatantly lie:

And these eight Republican Senators want to enable terrorism.

This GOP congressman wants to make things easier for terrorists. The piece of garbage hallucinates that there’s some civil liberties issue. Bet you that he’s on the take from a company that sells an alternative to the screening machines that may have prevented the Christmas Day incident.

And the GOP takes joy in terrorist attacks so they can destroy our freedoms.

GOP fiscal irresponsibility ca. 2001. They never got better.

World gone crazy crazier.

Why Portfolio was stillborn: Some editor thought an article contemplating a Tiger Woods IPO was worth taking seriously and publishing.

Bill Clinton must be so damn jealous of this:

(Yes, sadly, it’s an apparent fake….)

Latent Republican Dems say: We can’t afford to save the earth. (Assuming global warming is a real phenomenon).

Shameless douchebag. Again: Deliberate liar or as brainless as dogshit? Next touch question: Why do people like this get publicity and thereby empowered?

Here’s another one. Disgusting. And they control our nation.

And yet another! Our national malignant tumor….

Professor Krugman errs again. Medicare D is a smashing success: Enables the GOP look like they did something good while succeeding in creating a government destroying financial disaster.

True GOP family values: Ditch the second wife. Such exemplars. Of lying hypocrisy. And here’s the long version, that is, a more thoughtful, deeper, analysis.

Professor Krugman believes this dying decade should be named the Big Zero. And while it’s not quite melodious, he has a point. By all measurements of importance, the grade is… a zero.

Reminder needed: The hope Obama ran on, what was it hope for? A continuation of failed Cheney/Rove/Bush policies?

Assholes: The has-been actress who now stars only in gossip media productions and her pissant, cockroach lawyers. FYI: These are the kind of lawyers who give lawyers a bad name: the ones who charge outrageous sums to represent the famous in some disgusting manner and/or represent them strictly for self-promotion. Read about how big a douchebag Demi Moore and her scumbags are here.

Great news for vets: The wives of married returning troops are being taught how to act like whores. I suppose there’s hope that the Pentagon may deign to decide to meaningfully treat the traumatized vets….

So. Next time I need ink, I'll opt for the Svedka? Except even if more expensive, the ink lasts longer.
I am with Dogbert 1,000%.


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