My Holiday Gift to the Celebrants!

You know why the bitch is laughing. My fellow Americans, our next president. God (oops, he's already passed) help us.

First things first, but not necessarily in that order. — Doctor Who

With most men, unbelief in one thing springs from blind belief in another. — Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. — Buddha

The life which is unexamined is not worth living. — Plato

Now Obama gets involved with healthcare reform (or “reform”)? Why? To prevent any actual reform?

Essential reading: Much about the fail that is America.

Healthcare “reform”: Essentially none (and assuredly less one the two bills are resolved). Unless you consider a windfall to the insurers a reform. But worry not; once the bill gets passed, it will be fixed in subsequent legislation including a public option. When? Why, well after hell freezes over.

Yellow journalism rules at the Times. Keep going, guys; ensuring the paper’s inessential will ensure its demise… that’s a scoop, Pinch and Keller.

On Christmas Eve, the Times hides the fact that Matt Taibbi was (essentially) right about Goldman Sachs. Of course, in the prior world, before moral corruption was endemic and par for the course, the Big Media journos would have been looking into, and verifying, his claims long ago. Now, too little, too late. And reminder: Taibbi didn’t publish his piece in a daily paper or broadcast it. It ran in a music biweekly. Just showing how inessential the dailies are.

Anyone wanna explain why “the print medium” particularly needs to be saved? At least in regard to papers they’ve failed us and in doing so have proven their primary importance is in being a bunch of ads wrapping Godawful “journalism”. Of course, they’d be important be if they were a primary source of important reporting. They’re not and there are alternatives doing a better job. Just off the top of my head, the most important reporting jobs recently are Taibbi’s recent run in Rolling Stone (magazine) and “Infinite Debt” in Harper’s (magazine). As for papers? Nothing springs to mind. My point, really, is that there are numerous sources for deep, significant reporting — not rewrites of press releases and the like. Again, if papers disappear, it is not like anything of great importance would be lost except jobs. Advertising? Who cares. Important journalism? Not recently. My God, the last two important papers in the countries are proving themselves inessential with lousy reporting (Times and WSJ). What, say, an iSlate, can do is make deep journalism easier to access, ditto breaking stories and video (and of course a whole lot more).

Ben Bernanke: Major fail. And Obama supports him. And he’s reappointed for another term of epic fail….

Big Brother is back! And he is watching! Remember: The COnstitution applies in the U.S., not in the superseding corporatist state in control.

This is sad. Not just the killing and smuggling of already-endangered species but that spending years tracking, busting and jailing the fucker accomplished nothing.

Is this news? To who?

The Cheney/Rove/Bush/Rumsfeld administration decided to go all techy with the military. And came up with gold-plated crap as we’ve seen the last couple of days. Here, maybe, is the latest failure. Good news? It reminds one of what we would have gotten with John Sidney McCain III or any of the GOP monkeys (and a pig) in 2012.

Why no public option? Because this senator is a complete whore (and Barack Obama is a punk-talking wuss who refuses to lead).

Professor Krugman errs again. Our government is not simply dysfunctional but dysfunctional because it’s been essentially completely corrupted. For to be healthy, it has to run on good faith, and our leaders swore that off back during the Raygun years. And yes, there is a solution: anyone up for direct action? And look, he blows it out his ass again here! Maybe he’s just suffering from too many holiday parties?

Screw Time, the newsweakly magazine’s and it’s fail of the year; here’s the lie of the year and why it’s so. This selection, I support.

This the way to prosperity: Temp workers.

Seriously. John McCain: Stupid? Deliberate liar? Both?


Google does more evil. (Still love my Gmail, though, and how Google makes it possible to bust through paywalls! Wait, that last one’s kind of evil too!?)

Punk GOP wingnut asshole (yes, yes, a multiple redundancy). He wants to wish death on someone? I’d be happy to see him dead and gone now. Wait, it’s worse than that!

Ain’t this a crock? From Rupert’s debased Wall Street Journal:

It is time for regulators to make the banks think twice before bowing to sovereigns.

In other words, governments should encourage lawlessness. (Link.)

Must be some bug left over from Carly…:

Michelle Bachmann is a welfare-taking socialist.

Why the Senate’s healthcare reform-free bill sucks.

How dare the gummint tell airlines not to abuse passengers? The airlines will teach the gummint by treating passengers even worse!

The elite press’ failures. Not even the tip of the iceberg, sadly….

Money-grubbing asshole. Well, it’s the RNC chief, so I guess it’s only right and should be expected….

NSFW Christmas Greetings. (No war here.) Indeed, all I can say is God bless. Actually, God blessed.

Click on the image if you want (or dare) to read it....

Damn! That's a tat!

Making Fun City fun again; Times Square, Saturday night, 19 December 2009:


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