Where’s the Good News? Again, Not Here!

My life is my message. — Mahatma Gandhi

What do you have to do? Pack your bags, Go to the station without them, Catch the train, And leave your self behind. — Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei

This is the way of peace: “Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.” – Peace Pilgrim


(More here.)

What I found amazing with the election of Ronnie Raygun was how fast the elite press turned into a bunch of fellating idiots — teabaggers, you could say — abrogating their societal responsibilities in order to service Ronnie. And the press has gotten even worse since then. Here’s the Lyin’ King’s media whores. Ho, ho, ho, soon to be unemployed incompetent journos….

If part of the healthcare problem is out of control costs fostered by the insurers, how does forcing millions more people to buy insurance help the underlying problem? So not only does the plan (so to speak) offer no reform, it actually exacerbates the problem. So if it passes, then what? Pols lie about to get reelected then do nothing?

All of our military’s planes can be easily hacked??

Wow! Even the federal government is stealing from the federal government to make money (in a recession, no less). The Government is selling videos financed with… taxpayer money.

This is great: Obama has made it legal for lenders to essentially steal homes from owners.

Again with the GOP haters of our troops. Sick. Loves to gets them killed, crippled, hates to do anything about it. But isn’t that the current “conservative” morality? Never take any responsibility for anything unless forced?

Here comes the second dip in the W-shaped Great Recession. Amazing was broad destruction of wealth can do…. But as long as Big Finance gets government handouts for worthless speculation, all is well….

And CNN’s great accomplishment of the year? Better journalism? (Joke, that.) Cost-cutting!

This is just lovely sick. Actually, it’s the scumbag’s who pass crap like this who are sick, albeit thanks to an equally sick electorate, in charge. No wonder corruption is endemic on all levels of the nation’s leadership….

Well, this is certainly a surprise. The power of the bribe (and maybe fear of death). Thank God our corruption isn’t quite as severe. All we get is a government that refuses to do anything for us.

Awesome! This is how the rich do it. Donates land around his home to the county for “preservation”. I guess the benefit to him of getting rid of the burden of maintaining the land or having any responsibility for it while keeping development as far away as it ever was with the resulting increase in value of what is keeps is just, well, coincidental. (Note: I love Metallica as comrades and musicians. But this is rich folks gaming the system or “bullshit”.) (Link.)

This is so sad. But since, if I ever buy another car, a used 9-3 convertible is on the short list, this will surely make it cheaper. God bless years of mismanagement and general ineptitude.

Really, the leaders of the GOP are just all scum. Like this governor who refuses to issue any pardons — except to the killers who worked the governor’s mansion’s grounds. What a solid criterion….

Obama fails homeowners. Query: The ones who get relief, any of street-workers, Wall Strett, that is?

The Pentagon’s drone fail.

N.Y.C. Corporation Counsel, Michael A. Cardozo, gets slapped for insulting the entire judiciary. Read it here. As a litigator in the City, I know Cardozo will make his Law Dept. operate with the same efficiency as he demands from the judiciary. The c*nt.

What a great scam. Loan recklessly, leave the government mortgage insurers holding the bag. And claim the whole problem is the government’s fault. For what? Getting played by the private sector?

(More about that viddie here.)

Money-grubbing greedy asshole destroyer of lives. That’s your Morning in America….

So. If an asteroid’s found rushing at earth, will our leaders be able to address the issue in time? I think the private sector could get it together, thanks to the profit incentive, the governments, I don’t think so….

Honeymoon of the year. More here.

Olbermann’s great idea: Don’t buy health insurance. I think ERs and bankruptcy are fine solutions, better than Obama’s healthcare deform. Dr. Dean, too, is dead on. In a word, the Senate version, at least, is shit.

Speaking of “reform”: Fact or fiction?

A joke, but not so far off from the reality that’s coming…. It’s a fine line between satire and a nightmare reality….

The Times’ lost: The economics reporter with the really screwed up personal economics takes a buyout, the better, I suppose, to help his repeatedly bankrupt wife pay off some debt. Read it here.

Sperm (but maybe not that of the Klaudt) considered as bytes of data. An idea for a sci-fi story’s coming (pun of course intended) to me….

To me, the big problem with any Android phone (besides that it’s no iPod) (and the problem of the Palm and Blackberry smartphones): Too much of the data’s in the cloud and not on the the phone, on your computer, in your control. On one hand, them storeage facilities have better back-ups (Microsoft/Sidekick excepted, maybe), but they’re clearly not 24/7. Since Apple got it’s act together with MobileMe, I’ve had (knock wood!) no such problem.

Have a little fun with this.

Better late than never. Love to know the rabbi (or was it an ignorant, thoughtless goy?) who koshered this....

Be prepared:

Possibly one of the Greatest. Songs. Ever:


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