I Know I Don’t See Anything Getting Any Better. You?

Books to the ceiling,/ Books to the sky,/ My pile of books is a mile high./ How I love them! How I need them!/ I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them. — Arnold Lobel

The worst taint is ignorance. Destroy this one taint and become taintless. — Buddha

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion. — Abraham Lincoln

“To keep your marriage brimming,

With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong admit it;
Whenever you’re right shut up.”
— Ogden Nash

A Klaudt is a sick fuck asshole.

This is a "Klaudt".

Isn’t this lovely: Spend, don’t save, during the flush years. Cut services when people need them. Make it harder for workers to, you know, get to jobs. Genius. The genius of a corrupted society. (Link. Update here.)

Not that the banks are better: Why make money lending when you can steal from the needy instead? But I’m sure Obama’s right and no meaningful reform is needed, maybe just more bailouts….

A defense for Obama? Maybe the country has moved so far to the right, that it can be pushed leftward so little? I don’t actually believe it but it can be right…. Look! Another healthcare fail! Lieberman got Obama to shift, and the “reform” will be completely devoid of any actual reform?! Imagine: The solution for out-of-control healthcare costs is to force people to buy private insurance, and nothing else….

More fail for Obama: Cuts a deal with Big Pharma; freed to do anything in exchange for support of a healthcare bill no matter how big a load of crap it is. So we are now to get screwed with an awful reform-free healthcare bill (excuse me: Health insurer windfall bill) and Big Pharma is now unpoliced. Read about his latest fail here.

And here’s a statement of President Oneterma’s that can only honestly be characterized as fucking stupid.

True? Obama never wanted a public option?

I wonder whether Oneterma’s popularity would be improved if actually accomplished something good for the nation. Like healthcare reform.

Wow! I was right that the Wall Street Journal has been turned to crap by Team Rupert! Look! Really, if papers (and all media elite journalism) keep people stupid, if not make them dumber, who needs them? Look, for example, at the weekend’s Times’ load of crap on the iPhone destroying AT&T’s network: Times lies, the blogosphere corrects. (More here.) So much for them high quality, but clearly lying, professionals….

Flash! Times discovers dog bites man! People upset over jobs situation is front page news!

Meanwhile, the Times clearly thinks Matt Taibbi was on to something. Too bad they couldn’t figure this out and report it long ago, when it maybe mattered….

This is sad. Don’t understand why this nation can’t be better… really.

Completely inexcuseable. If there was any thought to this stupidity, I do not want to know what they were thinking.

But this is funny. (You know it is. But don’t worry; the fucker will be rehabilitated soon.)

About the Google phone: A big fuck you to everyone who buys any other Android phone and the manufacturers. Why buy anything else? And just how affordable is an unlocked phone going to be? And smartphones that keep all the data in the cloud? We know how successful that’s been, right? (Yeah, yeah, I know there’s ways to set the G-crap up so the data goes to the desktop, but it ain’t MobileMe.) And here’s my Cringely moment: Maybe Apple can sue the crap out of Google over this: How much of this crap was arguably learned while Schmidt was on Apple’s board? If I was Apple and had billions in loose cash, I’d be drafting my papers right this moment…. Remember: Google may now be evil 🙂

God bless America. Someone who will vote Palin in 2012 speaks.

The RIAA extends it’s war of greed on… a record store. Of course. Who needs retailers when you can sue for money?

I think I’m sick of Tiger — but first, there’s this. (Ooops! I thought there may well be an early rehabilitation of the Lyin’ King — but this would not help at all.)

Huh. Fascinating….

Huh. This is a little scary…. (Imagine: instead of torture, enhance the alleged’s memories to fit the scenario, not the facts….)

Santa. Satan. Related?

Ho, ho, oy:

The perfect gift for a teabagger:


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