Today’s Activity: Find Progress, a Return to America’s True Values

A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.  — George Bernard Shaw

Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Why we’ll fail. FDR got lucky with his big fail: WWII. More here.

Incredible! Oneterma doesn’t actually have to be a complete failure. Of course, he doesn’t have the will to be a successful president, not when he’s insecure and feels he can succeed simply by bullshitting. Look here! He fails people with HIV.

No reform for the enabler/whores of the Global Economic Meltdown. Thank you, President Oneterma, for the fail.

You too can now know everything the TSA knows about its operations!

Liars; the wingnut media strike again with a new line of crap. How do you know they’re lying? They’re reporting, broadcasting, speaking…. Big Media: Who needs ’em?

ISPs are massive police rats. Between ratting you out to the cops and other companies selling your personal information to anyone who offers any money, looks like the right to privacy is pretty much dead…. (“Raw data” here.)

How the Times fails: A new chapter. And a little recent flat-out dementia.

A tip for lazy journalists: Here’s how to actually report something important while barely working. If Huckabee runs for president in 2012 (although I’m sure Queen Sarah would crush him anyway), download a couple of articles and “think pieces” slamming Dukakis over Willie Horton and just do a couple of word search/replacements. Simple and, in fact, you’d likely be more accurate than the Republicans were about Horton. Read about the Huck’s idiocy here.

The truth about the wingnuts’ fake scandal about climate change. Very short version: They’re the liars, like always. See? And here’s the adventure of one lying wingnut sicko. Please, God, please strike them all dead….

Alexander Cockburn is usually full of crap to some degree or another. This time, though, he is dead on: Chapter and verse on exactly how wrong Oneterma’s Afghan policy is.

Tiger, Tiger, go to hell. You’re disgusting….

Time for the artists to sue the real music thieves: The members of the RIAA.

(More about the video here.)


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