America: Still Close to Flatlining…. (Imagine if One of the Two Political Parties Hated Everything America Stood For….)

Personally, I’m tempted to vote No:

Personally, I believe that Christianity is broad enough that at some point in the spectrum, this can and should be accepted as a wholly appropriate image of an angel and God knows, it's for a good cause.

Wine makes a man more pleased with himself; I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others. —
Samuel Johnson

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. — Laurence J. Peter

Is President Oneterma some kind of dope?

Oneterma learns from FDR’s example: Cowtows to the conservatives, and does something stupid to make things worse.

Historical Big Media cowardice. Well, not cowardice, just feeling money was more important than principle, even if it meant screwing dozens of people to satisfie loud nutjobs.

From the No Comment Needed Dept.:

William Shatner:
If you have money, you’re going to get health care. If you don’t have money it’s more difficult.

Rush Limbaugh:

If you have money you’re going to get a house on the beach. If you don’t have money you’re going to live in a bungalow somewhere.

William Shatner:
But we’re talking about health care.

Rush Limbaugh:
What’s the difference?

Bernanke’s latest fail; and presumably Oneterma’s okay with it.

A Great Fail (of course): Bhopal, 25 years later. People with no respect for human life on both sides… not good.

God bless the modern Big Media journalist. They’ve yet to learn that the job actually requires honesty.


This guy is almost as big a cocksucking scumbag as Tiger — possibly bigger!

Why would anyone have trouble with paying a ho $1,000,000.00??

How many hos does Tiger have? Yes, being a serial cheat is a private affair — apparently even to be kept private from your wife. But not when you’re paid tens of millions for an image that doesn’t include adultery. Tiger, you dumb shit — you were unfaithful to your fans and admirers and you don’t keep it private from the. You’re dead wrong.

Query: Anyone remember the last time a wingnut pol apologized for anything more substantive than getting caught cheating on a wife? I can’t either. But I know the Huck is no exception to the rule!

History lesson: The Free Market needs policing, just like individuals do.

Again, really, aren’t the record companies kind of destroying themselves with ineptitude, making themselves awfully unnecessary?

Come on, you know Micro$oft is far less a tech company than a criminal enterprise. Why expect any particular knowledge or intelligence about developments in technology from its top when that’s not its business? Watch “genius” at work:

The house of my dreams (almost).

Meet Cloacina.

The Master:


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