Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright… Not!? But the World Still Spins….

Ho, ho, ho, nooo!!

Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others. — Edward Abbey

We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glowworm. — Winston Churchill

It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. — Albert Camus

A job!

If that doesn’t work out, try juggling.

The government’s failing at job growth, but at least they’re giving us crumbs.

I think there’s something to this but how to then explain that all the country home-own Big Finance guys are a little, well, you know, busted in the head?

The return of the Huck: Rapist paroled under Dem governor and rapes again: Bad. Psycho paroled under GOP governor then kills four cops: No problem! Not for the GOP wingnuts, not for the Big Media press. The GOP: supporters of releasing violent killers from prison. More here. And Huck is forgiven by a party leader here.

Another GOP asshole (or is that a redundancy?): Peter King. To quote Gerald Ford: “Drop dead!”

Professor Krugman is far too hopeful. Even more so here.

Gimme credit, indeed: Let’s say the federal debt is a problem (which I don’t). Why no criticism of the underlying problem? The extent to which same was greatly expanded by fiscally irresponsible tax cuts by Republican administrations that freed money, by the way, to create numerous speculative bubbles that brought us where we are?

Goldman Sachs: First dangerous, now armed.

An anonymous wingnut decides he hates wingnuttery.

Monopolizer and TAX CHEAT/DODGER (and GOPer). (Click on the image for the story.)
Portrait in BSOD.

Computers: Useless. Meanwhile, Dell invents the craptop.

By all means, switch to Sprint: Lousy network, rat you out to the cops.

The silver lining to global warming: Better wine til the earth turns to crap.

Reminder: The only climate controversy is the fiction the wingnuts have created, aided and abetted by a moronic Big Media water carriers.

Larry Summers’ big private sector FAIL. I kid, though. It’s irrelevant. What’s more important than his role in Harvard’s loss is far outweighed by his successes for Wall Street as their puppet.

In case you doubt that someone who would appear on a reality show and then stage the kind of hoax he did isn’t a little bit not right, clearly this got has numerous screws loose, as this shows.

You and I call a private jet a private jet; apparently, President Palin calls it a bus. Belief will triumph over fact again! But electable or not, let’s call her what she really is: a shit-magnet. Stupid and shameless… that’s electable!

Another FAIL from Team Oneterma.

(More about that last one starts here.)

Indeed. Click on the image for more than you need to know. God bless false images.... Dude truly knows how o sink them balls in the holes....

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