I Suppose I Should be Thankful Barack Oneterma is President and Not McCain-Palin, But it’s HARD!

President Oneterma

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty not saftey. — Benjamin Franklin, 1759

The only really decent thing to do behind a person’s back is pat it. /.

Holiday bummer: The GOP’s BFFs, the Arab petrothugs* look like they’re about to trigger a mini global economic crisis. (*My recollection is Dubai actually has no oil of its own. Like the US, its economy is pretty much fueled by finance and speculation.) Of course, the Dubai problem is worse because the speculators are the government so no government bailout is available such as in the US. Clearly, that is what makes this country great: welfare and handouts only for the wealthy and unworthy.

Good news for homeowners: Banks fail to foreclose again, this time because they’re incapable in negotiating in good faith with the owners of house that’s underwater. The best solution is to hope no one knows who actually owns your mortgage (unlike me, sadly). Clearly, Team Oneterma has no intention to offer actual help.

Just like the Bushies, looks like Oneterma also wants to destroy Social Security.

Oneterma to the victims of the Global Economic Meltdown: Drop Dead. Literally.

Another FAIL from Oneterma: How he’s contributed to GOP victories and success in 2010. President McCain-Palin surely would have had a lesser success or even defeat in 2010, so the GOP actually had a greater success by losing in ’08.

Oneterma’s destiny.

Actually, Oneterma seems to hate Democrats. I think the only way he can win in 2012 is by switching parties after the Dems defeat in 2010. “I’m switching parties because the people have clearly spoken….”

Reminder: The healthcare reform billing passing through Congress still pretty much is a piece of crap. I mean, the insurers will benefit from it far more than we will and I’m sure, deep down, really want it more than we do.

How the world works, the super-short version. And President Oneterma thinks this is fine.

Rhetorical question: Can this obvious whacko get elected?

Reminder: The Christian wingnuts are really the scum of the earth. From earth to earth… sooner, please.

Three Mile Island redux: The return of nuclear power plants in highly dangerous condition.

A thought: Since the GOP survives on nothing more than the Nazis’ Big Lie system, aren’t we required to refer to them as Nazis? I think so.

Good question: If, say, the 1964 Civil Rights Act could be passed with a simple majority in the Senate, why does healthcare reform need 60 votes? (Link.)

They confess: The Washing Post admits it’s a crap paper. It’s funny how Big Media hasn’t yet learned that crapping the product and chasing readers away actually is not a means to profit.

Meanwhile, the Times buries a story that the economy actually isn’t so good and then tries to poo-pooh the reality. Awful piece.

Does anyone really think the Secret Service wouldn’t have stopped these people if the president was white or Republican? Me neither. God bless our endless supply of racists….

Freedom-hating Canadian border guard assholes.

Historical fail. Day of reckoning deferred, price of failure rises….

Another important story buried deep in holiday Sunday’s Times: There’s a major, major problem with debt that can’t be ignored. It’s not just mortgages. And what do our leaders do? Give money to the lenders so they can… speculate, instead of adjusting and otherwise dealing with debt…. How can this not be a W-shaped recession? And now I know I’m getting old: What was mentioned in the article that goosing corporate numbers by reducing costs instead of, I don’t know, maybe increasing sales, only goes so far — I actually remember that from the last recession. So your recent anemic growth of the GDP? Means precious little. Yet again, anyone who touts it as any sort of major milestone on the road to recovery — they’re ignorant or lying. As for a growing GDP and true economic health — all the growth during the Bushie years — job growth was anemic, debt growth was historic. So great GDP numbers by themselves mean nothing. Anyway, a great reality check by Morgenson. She’s so old school: she’s a reporter who deals in facts.

This sucks. I know, that’s not saying a lot….

The cloud of data: Fails at Nokia, Microsoft/Sidekick, now Pre. For some reason, Google really thinks this is what someone wants in an OS? (And Google has its own failures with its cloud.)

Why we need politicians running school systems: For brilliant policies like encouraging teachers to give higher grades not because they teach better but only because they grade higher for tenure. (Link.)


Oooh, TPM goes all mainstream with a post chock full of irrelevance and naivete!

Once upon a time, knowledge mattered and people wanted to know stuff:

…but that was then. Now, ignorance rules….

This is art!

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