In Which We Again Profess Our Love for, and Support of, Queen Sarah, Our Next President

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. — Buddha

Always borrow money from a pessimist; he doesn’t expect to be paid back. — Anonymous

If God wanted us to have a President, He would have sent us a candidate. — Jerry Dreshfield

This implicitly confirms my theory that a significant mount of the initial sales of the iPhone when it first rolled out were to people who couldn’t afford a computer and $50.00 a month broadband. The iPhone was a cheaper alternative.

The next big collapse of housing is starting? This recession will be W-shaped? And there’s worse.

See: The road to hell.

You’d think a black man would know something about, you know, convicting someone before trial…. Pre-judgment is OK with Barack Obama! Maybe Sarah Palin has him scared so he’s pandering (futilely) to her base?

And here’s another FAIL Obama supports — right til defeat in 2012, I’m sure.

Speaking of President Palin, she’s on! Someone else thinks she can get nominated. As I posted, I can easily see her winning in 2012. I guess once one gets in the habit of shitting on one’s base, one just can’t change. “Oneterma Obama”. Kinda like the sound of that and it’s a distinct possibility. His line of shit worked against someone hated in mid-crisis attributed to his administration. But how good will it be when he’s the hated incumbent?

As for Queen Sarah, the 18 (actual number too near infinity to count easily) biggest lies in her book of lies is here. More lies here. And you, too, can be Queen Sarah.

Queen Sarah has failed, to my knowledge, to explain her repeated shitting on supporters:

More on the video here.

Here: Matt Taibbi gives us Why Sarah Palin Rules for Dummies. Even simpler: 2012 is hers to lose.

This, of course, is the Queen Sarah I really like:

Did the queen quit office to get enhanced? (I think she quit so when she runs in 2012, no one could accuse her of spending the past couple of years having been an inept governor, but that’s just my opinion.)

In any case, we clearly need her leadership.

Big Journalism FAILS: What we’ll lose when it dies: Inept coverage of Joe Lieberman. (There is only one story about him that will matter and it will be covered no matter what happens to “the press”: the end of any public career for him.)Fellating the GOPMissing or failing on all the big, important stories, like these: Really everything that has to do with the economic crisis, like this. Or writing stupidly insane crap like this.

Organized religions are of course fascistic but this is a new low. (On the other hand, it’s the same religion that, when confronted by abuse and molestation, somehow manages to lose all moral balance.)

Home of the brave kangaroo court.


The punishment for tasering a 10 year old girl? A week’s paid vacation, of course. So crime does pay!

The genius of the wingnut:

Outlawed in Texas: Marriage. Not gay marriage. All marriage.

Do this.

I almost want to live like this. The General commands.

Restaurant to avoid; do not give this asshole a penny!

The OS equivalent of an online office suite that’s still grossly undercooked compared to on-the-computer office suites? Who cares, at least til it’s of comparable quality?

Meanwhile, it looks like maybe insecurity was built into Win7…. And Micro$oft is China’s running dog lackey, censoring Bing queries at the gumint’s request. Even as the Chinese keep hacking our military.

We will invent, not speculate, our way out this economic disaster:

They don’t make them like this anymore:


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