Get Your Mad On!

Why not?

Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it’s only good for wallowing in. — Katherine Mansfield

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. — Buddha

This is not a snarky joke. Click on the link for the serious info bout the image.

Obama disses a freedom fighter — unlike Beloved Leader and Slick Willie.

Obama’s replacement (is this a great country or what?):

Obama again fails to give aid or relief to the middle class. So Republican!

Rightist scumbags: True abusers of young people. Any punishment less than life without parole in a general population won’t be enough.

Book review of the day. (About the review here.)

Another tough-talking GOP coward and future POTUS.

Wingnut hero of the day — and in all his glory.

Props to the Times: Our Leaders: bought and paid for treasonous whores who don’t give a shit about our nation.

Then again, there’s this imbecilic front page headline:

Portrait of 9/11 ‘Jackal’ Emerges as He Awaits Trial

WTF is that stupidity meant to say other than just a little cheapshot bashing? And if it’s an allusion to “The Day of the Jackal”, it’s an utter failure on all levels.

And another Times piece rife with ignorance.

The Master Race triumphs!

Stupid schools > stupid students. The former grows the latter. Really, it’s all a nascent Dark Ages II….

Speak of the devil: Stupidity and more!

There she goes again. Sometimes, the insane come out with a truth, but usually just, well, insanity.

Palin/Giuliani 2012!

Beloved Leader’s unnecessary fear: Obama continues another odious Bushie policy.

What is it? Like, all pols fail us now?

There they go again: Big Media journos get another big story completely wrong because, you know, it’s such a great story that attracts an audience, not because there’s any truth to it…. Keep failing, Press, so we don’t miss you when you’re gone. Is it too soon to say “Good Riddance?”

In that fabulous way, Ashley Banfield was promoted as some sort of babe until she, well, went rogue, which is to substantive (not on the air but at a lecture, as I recall) and got her sex object ass canned. (At the same time as Banfield was criticizing the Iraq War, the Times was doing it’s utmost, as was the rest of the Big Media, promoting a clearly stupid and unnecessary war.) Well, A.B. has been brought back in from the cold….

The 9/11 terrorist trial really doesn’t belong in NYC within view (sort of) of Ground Zero but somewhere where New York is hated. About as close as a fair trial as it could be….

The GOP is pro-abortion except when they’re not. Or maybe pro-abortion only for Republicans.

And here’s a scummy Dem.

I have no idea whether or not this is good news but it is clever….

Maybe what to do if you’re wiretapped…..

Okay, maybe Verizon’s 3G network is “better” than AT&T’s. Verizon is the best at ripping off their customers.

The record labels die, the musicians prosper.

The (original) Mr. Spock is cool.

Declared: The King of Weed.

Chuckles’ killer dead.

The true background of the greatest artist of the 20th century.

Batter up? Pitcher high!


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