Apropos Nothing

Haven’t worn a watch in over a year. One worn at the time was a utilitarian Casio, nothing jewelry like.

So this morning, like all workday mornings, used my phone fir an alarm clock.

What else I’ve used my phone for this morning or used it to do:

To see what time it was.

Used the calendar to track a court appearance (work) and to set up a reminder of other things to do this morning.

To check email.

Played a few games of Sudoku.

Had to go online — to use the browser — to check something related to the court appearance.

To check whether all apps were up to date, then updated the two that weren’t.

To make one call, receive another.

After I do this, may text someone.

And wrote and posted this.

All on my phone.

And yeah, my phone us an iPhone. Not that I’m at all conceited about, not that having one makes me or makes me think I’m hot stuff.


I’m just amazed by what I can do and how easy it all is.


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