Warning: There is More News of Importance in a Single Post Here Than in the Average Big Media Outlet!

To be who one is, is not to be someone else. /.

It’s a recession when your neighbour loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours. — Harry S. Truman

Possibly the Greatest Scientific Breakthrough Ever!!!!

A win for the good guys in the real War Against Freedom. And another win here!

Fail: Big Media Journos who either still don’t know what’s going on with the financial crisis or just don’t care to report  what’s actually going on. Latest here. And here. So again, if most of these over-leveraged ineptly-managed “outlets” went out of business tomorrow, the harm to society again (other than increased unemployment, of course) is exactly what? Can’t exactly call the ineptitude essential…. And the next generation of journos show their societal irrelevance.

When the mainstream press is dead, I hope we have a couple dozen of these.

Here’s what I’d like these essential journos to tell me: What’s the projected ten-year cost for the Afghanistan and Iraq military irrelevancies/failures? More or less than the “cost” of real healthcare reform (of course, that deficit would be balanced by taxpayer savings.)

What I’d also like to know is why these over-leveraged newspapers can’t file for bankruptcy instead of just cutting, cutting, cutting staff as well as editorial standard.

Part of the problem is that news media never figured out the web. Rupert Murdoch has been lucky in some regards (although the WSJ purchase doesn’t seem to be working out) and seems to be determined to fail big.

Here, journos: Show your importance by running with this. And Reader, don’t hold your breath waiting — it’s never going to happen.

More misses by the mainstream press here.

And something of a an obit or guide for the future of journalism is here.

Someone else* thinks journos should actually report stuff of, you know, actual importance. (*more famous than I)

Reminder: A toothless public option and mandatory purchase of insurance is not reform. Does this do that? What’s in the House bill that makes things better? It restricts abortion, so it clearly shows that an actual improvement of the system is not the aim of the bill. And the Senate version is worse. And a GOP blowout in 2010? Failure like the healthcare reform debacle certainly makes it possible if not likely. When your incumbent so clearly proves he doesn’t give a fuck about actual reform, why re-elect him, why think the other candidate would be particularly worse? On the other hand, how many races will actually be contested…?

Wait, I see; the reform is to make it easier to be insured, not to actually get affordable care. So it really is just a healthcare insurer windfall bill and no more. Here’s an autopsy of the House bill — oops, no important reform!

And the bill essentially restricts abortion (if the provision survives the House-Senate conference), so it’s already pretty much a failure at, you know, reform. Thank God we elected a pro-choice president!

It takes dozens or more sick minds to come up with something as disgusting as this. And they are our leaders. Where are you, mainstream journos?

Speaking of which, I marked the decline of CBS News starting with Cronkite’s retirement followed by the hiring of this douchebag who is the antithesis of responsible journalism.

Another great journalist whose loss can only help.

Stupidity and dishonesty rule.

The GOP leaders: Making America less safe.

The Times thought this idiocy required two reporters and was worthy of the front page?! And this is almost as stupid.

Fail: Our allies, making our world more dangerous.

Lying thieves: Micro$oft.

Only with Windows: Machine hacked, uploaded with child porn…. What sucks most about the crappiness of Windows? Keeping a PC safe and working is a part-time job.

Obscenity of the day. Obscene in the deepest, most profound way. Hello, Big Media, journos? Another one you stupid, lazy fucks missed. And here’s another — also missed by mainstream journos.

And here’s another obscenity.

A thought: See how the Teabaggers get incited with bullshit, one can fully understand how the “good” Germans could so easily and freely support the Final Solution. (Your call whether I’m equating the Teabaggers with Nazis, though.)

You’re no longer allowed to own what you buy?

God bless wingnut moral paradigm/hypocrites. They so love to talk the talk and never, ever, walk the walk. Disgusting. As is the media who give them any play. Vile. And here’s another, lovely paradigm.

Assholes and worseCops just so love to make fun of rape victims. Another paradigm. I know, they’re just a couple of bad apples but to me, their representative of a defect, as it were, in rightist culture. It’s not just the hypocrisy but the feeble-mindedness (of the actor and the supporters) that enables it.

Exercise is no way to lose weight 😦

Good news for us speeders.

Bad news for that sick fuck, Glenn Beck. Now, if only he and all his supporters could be locked away or shot….

What an awesome waste of time!

Invention of the day.


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