Near-Paradise Forever Lost?

In science, ‘fact’ can only mean ‘confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent.’ I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms. — Stephen Jay Gould

Time as he grows old teaches all things. — Aeschylus

Obama and the Dems’ latest fail. Yes, things probably would be worse had Presidents McCain and Palin but not by so much. (That said, the linked piece also alludes to GOP fail: the party’s fiscal irresponsibility.)

Shame on Eliot Spitzer: S.C. GOP Ass. A.G. bangs an 18 year old stripper. Guy’s such a creepy pathetic loser, the 18 year old stripper isn’t enough to obviate the need for Viagra.

Lost: A real hero.

If I wasn’t an anti-capital punishment absolutist, I would be happy to see this utterly worthless person (actually, I don’t like believing anyone is absolutely worthless) executed. (Actually, the preceding isn’t quite true. I would love to see everyone responsible for the global financial nightmare dead. And look; Team McClatchy has read and processed Matt Taibbi’s Goldman Sachs bashing and having done so, found some merit. So let’s starting offing GS. More execution-worthy sins of Goldman here.)

How Big Banks will deal with their failures: Penalizing customers with good credit. And here I have already gone and taken my business away from Citi….

And if this guy kills himself, it wouldn’t overly bother me. Even Rudy G. wouldn’t care (or at least he’d be limited in expressing his grief after he already left the jerk to hang).

Life-endangering idiots. I forget: Can someone tell me again how so many people can be so stupid?

I am again amazed. On one hand, you have the RIAA lawsuits. On the other hand, all the empirical evidence shows that all the illegal downloading is a net plus. The latest: Illegal downloaders spend the most on music. The obvious fallacy with RIAA is the unsupported claim that any, let alone all, of the music would have been actually purchased as opposed to given a pass. Then of course, there’s the bootlegs that, in some cases, the RIAA members, if they gave a crap, should be producing and selling in the first place.

Obama’s next fail.

A thought: It’s easier to get new infrastructure built than old maintained. And of course, the former is itself pretty difficult these days.

Oooh, look, someone has noticed the crapification of the Wall Street Journal by Murdoch. It’s no longer very much of a quality publication. By the time it goes out of business, it’ll be no loss.

More quality journalism we need here. When the press doesn’t care about facts, why would anyone care about the press? No one expects perfection, of course, but the Big Journos have reached a tipping point where the necessary crap is no longer sufficiently balanced by what could be referred to as competent, important journalism. Balloon Boy, anyone?

And here is someone I would characterize as typical of Big Journalism’s failure. That is, I think he is typical of the modern journalist: stupid, lazy, ignorant and/or dishonest. Of what societal value does crap like this play other than keeping a small number of people employed? Certainly, they fail society.

I’m really not sure about this or whether I agree with it or what. I must note though that we used to have radio, where we could hear everything, and libraries where we could research and read about stuff, so I’m not too sure about the point….

The real Hal9000! Not in 2001 but….


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